Tageos, ControlTek, Ellisys, qomodo: RFID News Roundup

Published: June 20, 2024

German Court Fully Dismisses Anti-Competitive Claims Against Tageos

An anti-competitive practices lawsuit brought against Tageos have been fully dismissed by a court in Munich, Germany.

In its decision, the court found all allegations and accusations by Identiv regarding the alleged misappropriation of trade secrets and confidential information were unfounded. In its decision of June 11, 2024, the Munich Regional Court therefore rejected Identiv’s application for a preliminary injunction in its entirety as unfounded.

With the decision of the Munich Regional Court and its findings, the proceedings are concluded.

“We are absolutely satisfied and happy with the court’s decision as it confirms the facts we presented and our position against the completely unfounded allegations,” said Matthieu Picon, CEO of Tageos, said in a press statement after the verdict. “Success often brings envy, a fact that we unfortunately have to face. However, we can now continue to focus on innovation and growth to provide our customers with best-in-class RFID products of the highest quality.”

ControlTek Unveils Enhanced Exit Solution with Real-Time SMS Alerting

ControlTek recently unveiled its Enhanced Exit RFID solution.

Enhanced Exit offers real-time monitoring of store exits, high-theft areas, and unauthorized zones, empowering retailers to take proactive measures against theft. The solution arms retailers with real-time notifications with immediate alerts by email or SMS message when items leave the store or move outside designated zones or into unauthorized areas, as well as dynamic alerting capabilities that allows retailers to determine notifications on high-theft items or when multiple items exit simultaneously.

This solution was built to integrates with existing infrastructure, including point-of-sale and video monitoring systems, to distinguish between purchased and stolen items, streamlining investigations and enhancing overall security.

Company officials are billing Enhanced Exit as a tool for retailers to detect and prevent theft in real-time while providing critical insights into store operations.

“Enhanced Exit takes retailers’ loss prevention strategy to the next level with the integration of RFID technology to understand at an item level what is leaving the store and alerting them in real-time when it does, so they can take action,” said Tom Meehan, CFI, President at ControlTek.

Ellisys Offering Support for Multiple Next-Gen Bluetooth Features in Analyzer,Tester

Ellisys recently announced pre-standard support for several upcoming, unreleased major Bluetooth technological advancements.

These new test capabilities cover multiple advanced initiatives under definition, including Bluetooth High Data Throughput (HDT) and Higher Bands (HB), which will appear in future Bluetooth releases over the coming years.

Additionally, Ellisys has developed and delivered a substantial complement of active tests for Channel Sounding, a next-generation, high-accuracy distance measurement technology for Bluetooth that is expected to be part of the next major Bluetooth release.

The HDT project is expected to expand Bluetooth Low Energy from its current maximum rate of 2 Mbps to 8 Mbps and possibly beyond. Operation in unlicensed higher frequency bands, including 5 GHz and 6 GHz, is expected to provide the bandwidth to accommodate faster speeds, improve and expand audio applications for Bluetooth technology, and optimize the overall Bluetooth experience in congested areas.

Channel Sounding greatly improves upon the accuracy of the current-generation RSSI-based Bluetooth distance measurement and creates market opportunities for Bluetooth technology to expand its footprint in a variety of applications for location services.

“Much of our new development in these areas includes not just passive analysis capabilities, but early test capabilities that will eventually form the basis of qualification testing,” said Mario Pasquali, Ellisys president and CEO. “We are ahead of these technologies with the right tools, with software updates and hardware upgrades on our industry-leading test equipment that are enabling quick adoption of new features while protecting our customers’ investments for the foreseeable future.”

qomodo Secures $1.6 Million in Funding to Fortify IoT Cybersecurity

qomodo, an IoT cybersecurity company, has successfully raised $1.6 million in pre-seed funding.

This round was spearheaded by Expeditions Fund and saw contributions from Amadeus Capital Partners, Auriga Cyber Ventures, Nio Advisors, McNally Capital, Ventures Together, and returning investor, Techstars. The funding aims to bolster qomodo’s mission to fortify IoT security against escalating cyber threats.

The funds raised will enable qomodo to enhance its platform-agnostic software agents and expand its market presence in Europe and the US, facilitating direct customer engagement and product refinement.

Founded by former BAE Systems and NATO cybersecurity specialists who were part of a Techstars 2023 cohort, qomodo is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge security solutions for the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT). This system emphasizes threat detection and prevention at the host level within embedded systems. XIoT includes devices that link physical systems to the internet, which extend beyond conventional servers and laptops.

Toby Wilmington, CEO of qomodo, highlighted the dramatic increase in IoT adoption and the associated security risks, noting a 400 percent surge in malware targeting IoT devices, costing the UK alone approximately £1 billion annually. “Our intelligence-led approach and robust, resource-efficient software agents are essential weapons in ensuring the security and resilience of IoT ecosystems against the backdrop of international cyber warfare,” he added.

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