EM Microelectronic’s Passive Sensor Chip Detects Moisture

The em|aura-sense, with capacitance for moisture or touch detection, can respond to a UHF RFID reader by storing sensor data or transmitting it back to the interrogator, enabling those with existing RFID inventory-counting systems to add the tags and gain additional data.
EM Microelectronic’s Passive Sensor Chip Detects Moisture

Smart Bottle Employs RFID to Track Flavor Pod Use

With a transceiver, an ultrasonic sensor, Bluetooth connectivity and tagged pods, the LifeFuels bottle lets users view on an app what they've consumed and thus manage fluid intake and reordering; the company tracks inventory in-house via the pods.
Smart Bottle Employs RFID to Track Flavor Pod Use

Zebra Brazil’s CEO Discusses RFID Growth

Vanderlei Ferreira spoke to IoP Journal about the Brazilian RFID landscape; he will join a panel discussion on the topic at next week's RFID Journal Virtually LIVE! event.
Zebra Brazil’s CEO Discusses RFID Growth

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