Business executives and implementers around the world depend on RFID Journal for up-to-the-minute RFID news, in-depth case studies, best practices, strategic insights and information about vendor solutions.

This has made RFID Journal the most relied-upon and respected RFID information resource, serving the largest audience of RFID decision-makers worldwide—online and at face-to-face events.

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RAISE YOUR PROFILE WITH ONLINE ADVERTISING is the largest website in the world focused on RFID, Internet of Things and related technologies. It delivers real-time news, information and resources on the latest solutions and deployments. Additionally, it is the only website that enables you to build your brand while simultaneously generating leads and targeting specific customer segments.

Notable Statistics: 

100,000 unique visitors per month

200,000 sessions per month

500,000 page views per month

200 new e-newsletter subscribers added per week

5 million ads delivered annually with an average CTR of 0.2 percent

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RFID Journal produces the most significant RFID events in the world. High-quality content developed by our editors attracts the highest quality audience. Because RFID Journal events draw primarily from our readership base, attendees are highly educated about the technology and ready to invest. Two thirds say the main reason they attend our events is to locate vendors that have the RFID solutions that will address their specific business problems.


RFID Journal offers both webinars and virtual events online that enable you to attract new leads by offering free, targeted content to our large audience. Webinars and virtual events typically attract between 150 to 250 participants, depending on the topic and speaker.

Benefits of online events:

Turnkey solution with no extra costs
Attract highly qualified leads
Position your company as a thought leader
Associate your company with RFID Journal’s brand

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Integrated Platform

“RFID Journal’s Integrated Platform is a valuable tool for communicating to our target markets. By partnering with the leader in the RFID information space, we have leveraged online and event opportunities to deliver a consistent message while growing our leadership position in the RFID market.”

Chris Schaefer

Director of RFID Product Marketing, Zebra Technologies

RFID Journal Webinars

“We had several significant prospects attend our RFID Journal-sponsored webinar and closed a multi-million dollar contract within eight weeks of the event, so once again RFID Journal is proving to be my very best marketing investment.”

Diana Hage

CEO, RFID Global Solution, Inc.


RFID Journal has additional cost-effective lead-generation programs that can help you attract new business. Ask your sales representative how your company can take advantage of these opportunities:

  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Custom events

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