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AI artificial intelligence BLE Bluetooth Low Energy Cognosos healthcare Hospitals Jamaica Hospital Medical Center Jeff Stiffler JHMC LocationAI machine learning Nabil Ibraheim Proactive Periodic Automated Replenishment ProPAR real-time location system RTLS
Cognosos Jamaica Hospital Medical Center

Queens Hospital Cuts Inventory Costs, Boosts Efficiency with RTLS

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center (JHMC) says that since it deployed a BLE-based RTLS solution from Cognosos, it now…

News July 22
(DMP) AI artificial intelligence Bringing Life to Things Lab Cincinnati Digital Manufacturing Platform Digital Twin GenAI IoT Ohio Regu Ayyaswamy Software-Defined Vehicles Tata Consultancy Services TCS TCS Clever Energy TCS Digifleet wearables
Tata Consultancy Services Lab

New Lab Fosters IoT Innovation in Cincinnati

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) opened the center to bring companies in physical touch with what IoT and AI…

News July 18
Adam Philpott Asset Tag contactless biometric payment cards David Gal Doug Bostrom Fingerprints IN Groupe IoT Jean-Baptiste Leos MCMs Qorvo RF multi-chip modules Rick Stuby Samsara The Antenna Company

Samsara, Qorvo, Fingerprints, IN Groupe, The Antenna Company: RFID News Roundup

Samsara Launches Enterprise-Grade Asset Tag Samsara Inc. recently released the first enterprise-grade Asset Tag designed to meet customer demand…

News July 18
AI artificial intelligence Brad Bogolea Coresight Research Data Greg Buzek IHL Group Retailers Robotics Simbe Simbe Mobile Simbe Virtual Tour Store Intelligence Tally
Simbe Mobile Virtual Platforms

Simbe Offers New Mobile, Virtual Capabilities on Web Platform

The mobile capabilities is being promoted as streamlining retail operations by prioritizing daily inventory and pricing tasks As…

News July 16
AI-CHESS artificial intelligence for coupled human environment system analysis for sustainability Earth Day 365 environmental monitoring GeoAI geospatial artificial intelligence LoRaWAN National Science Foundation Orhun Aydin plastic waste recycling Saint Louis University Wi-Fi
St. Louis University Waste

AI and IoT Target the Flow of Plastics in Waterways

IoT devices, using LoRaWAN and Wi-Fi technology, capture and transmit sensor data about contaminants in recycling bins as…

Uncatergorized July 15
artificial intelligence BLE Bluetooth Low Energy Digital Twins Internet of Things IoT LoRaWAN NFC real-time location systems RTLS Wireless Sensors

Welcome to the Newly Redesigned Website! takes its latest step in being the premier website for the industry with a new design launched…

Editor's Views July 10
AI Analytics artificial intelligence Digital Twin Jon Gurney Bell misloads RFID Smart Customer Smart Driver Smart Package Car Smart Package Smart Facility SPSF UHF RAIN RFID UPS
RFID Journal LIVE! 2024 UPS Jon Gurney Bell

UPS Delivers Next Phase in Smart Package/Smart Facility Initiative with RFID

The global carrier is building RFID into 60,000 vehicles this year—and 40,000 next year—to automatically detect millions of…

News July 10
Real-Time WIP Tracking and Beyond RFID
RFID Webinar Real Time WIP Tracking

RFID Journal to Host Webinar Focused on WIP Tracking

Throughout this webinar, the panelists will explore the practicalities of implementing RFID solutions, addressing challenges, building a strong…

Resource July 8
Doug Harvel Kevin Berisso Kontoor Brands Revolutionizing Manufacturing: Leveraging RFID for Real-Time WIP Tracking and Beyond RFID Richard Woodburn Rubin Press University of Memphis webinar WIP work-in-progress Xemelgo Zebra Technologies
RFID Webinar Real Time WIP Tracking

RFID Journal to Host Webinar Focused on WIP Tracking will be hosting a webinar on July 10 focused on how work-in-progress (WIP) tracking is currently being…

News July 8
artificial intelligence Generative AI GPT-4o IoT OpenAI RFID Sam Altman Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson OpenAI

Editor’s View: Why the RFID Community Should Care About the Scarlett Johansson, OpenAI Dispute

  The dispute between Johansson and OpenAI brings to focus broader questions of artificial intelligence development The issue…

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