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Actility SA Aileen Ryan Arad Technologies Bechtle BLE Bluetooth Low Energy Certified RAIN RFID Solutions Engineer Digital Product Passport Dr. Manfred Mueller Echostar Mobile EU Identiv IoT Lacuna Space LoRa Alliance LTE Cat 1bis cellular Multi-Tech Systems Netmore NTU Singapore Rain Alliance RAIN RFID in Tyres Masterclass RAIN RFID Solutions Planning RAIN RFID Training Program Seeed Technology Co Semtech Tektelic Thailand u-blox UHF RFID UnaBiz Holdings Xiamen Milesight IoT Co. Zenner
RFID Roundup

RAIN Alliance, Identiv, u-blox, LoRa Alliance: RFID News Roundup

RAIN Alliance Launches RAIN RFID Training Program to Upskill Global Workforce  RAIN Alliance, the non-profit industry organization supporting…

News June 27
Ambiq Apollo3 Blue System BLE Bosch ME688 Bosch Sensortec Chad Solomon IoT Panasonic sensor Video Games wearables ZigBee
Ambiq harvestKIT

Ambiq Harvest Kit Captures Sensor Data Without Batteries

  The soon-to-be released reference design from Ambiq includes sensor technology from Bosch Sensortec to track gas, humidity,…

News May 22
Carsten Brinkschulte Dryad Dryad Networks HF RFID Chips IoT National Interagency Fire Center SaaS SBX Software as a Service Wildfires
Dryad Wildfire Sensors

IoT Sniffs for Smoke to Prevent Wildfires

  Dryad’s fire detection system now leverages HF RFID chips to enable shippers to set the LoRa frequency…

News May 22
certification core network management Donna Moore expanding addressable markets hyperscalability IoT LoRa Alliance low-power wide-area networks LPWANs LR-FHSS NTNs physical/link layer development Rich Sanders Zenner

LoRa Alliance Unveils LoRaWAN Development Roadmap

Key Takeaways The  LoRa Alliance offers a guide to its future evolution and direction Alliance members noted smart…

News April 23
AI artificial intelligence Bed Pod Bedbugs Bryan Witkowski Comcast Europe Hotels IoT LoRa MachineQ North America Robert Fryers sensor Spotta
Bedbugs MachineQ Spotta

IoT Detects Bedbugs in Hotels

MachineQ has partnered with Spotta to detect the presence of bedbugs in guest bed mattresses with LoRaWAN connectivity,…

News April 19
Abdul Salam international Center for theoretical physics Universidad federal de Itajuba AI AI on the Edge artificial intelligence Columbia University Daryl Khoo data centers environmental impact facial recognition Food/Agriculture Harvard University insect identification IoT IoT sensor Logistics machine learning Marcelo Rovai MCU medical applications Microcontroller Units Renesas Electronics RFID Supply Chain TinyML TinyML4D Ledu learning open education initiative TinyMLedu UNIFEI wildfire detection
AI on the Edge

AI on the Edge

Research projects aim to bring AI to the physical world Researchers are proving that bringing AI to IoT…

News April 8
Actility Airbus Foundation Alper Yegin Cisco Connected Conservation Foundation Conservationists Madikwe Futures Madikwe Game Reserve Marico River Basin rhinos Sophie Maxwell South Africa South African Department of Forestry Fisheries and Environment wild dogs
Madikwe Game Reserve Connected Conservation Foundation (CCF)

LoRaWAN Helps Rhino Conservation Efforts in South Africa

Since the technology was deployed a year ago, 16 arrests have been made when a rhino has been…

News March 11
Actility AI Amazon Web Services AWS Public Sector Partner Program Fastag toll-collection system GUARDIAN RFID Kerlink Municipal Corporation of Delhi RFID
RFID Roundup

Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Guardian RFID, Actility, Kerlink: RFID News Roundup

Fastag RFID system expanded for automated parking, Guardian RFID joins Amazon Web Services program, Actility and Kerlink offer…

News March 7
Advanced Metering Infrastructure IoT Ken Lynch Low Power Wide Area Network LPWAN Netmore Group Ove Anebygd Senet
Senet Expands Public LoRaWAN Network Across New York City

Netmore Group to Expand LoRaWAN Network into North America

The company’s acquisition of Senet reportedly makes Netmore the largest provider of LoRaWAN connected devices With its recent…

News March 1
Car Connectivity Consortium CCC Connexin Digital Key Release Essex and Suffolk Water IoT KeySight Mouser Qorvo RFID
RFID Roundup

Connexin, KeySight, Qorvo: RFID Journal News Roundup

UK water utility to deploy one million LoRaWAN meters; KeySight joins Car Connectivity Consortium; Qorvo offers new IoT…

News February 15