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American Label Technologies Bruce Hanson Darrin Schmitt Label Printing NFC Packaging RFID
RFID AWT Labels & Packaging American Label Technologies

AWT Labels & Packaging Acquires RFID Labeling Company

American Label Technologies is a provider of RFID and label solutions for healthcare, retail, warehousing, and automotive markets…

News July 17
ABI Research Bluetooth digital passport Digital Product Passport DPP electric vehicle EU European Union Mike McCamon NFC Forum NFC Usage and Adoptions Study Sony UHF RAIN RFID ultra-wideband
NFC Forum

Multi-purpose Taps on NFC Roadmap

The NFC Forum is driving ahead with a strategy to innovate NFC further in key areas where demand…

News July 11
Apple Apple Pay Apple Wallet EU European Union iPhone Margrethe Vestager Near-field Communications NFC
Apple EU NFC

Apple, EU Finalize NFC Tap-and-Go Technology Investigation

EU previously found that Apple enjoyed a dominant position by restricting access to NFC The agreement is for…

News July 11
Cybersecurity Google Authenticator ID badge MFA multi-factor authentication Near-field Communications phishing attacks single sign-on smartphone

Is Your Organization Ready for Phishing-Resistant MFA?

MFA’s do not meet emerging cybersecurity standards and industry best practices RFID and NFC products can be a…

Expert Views July 5
certification Mike McCamon NFC NFC Forum NFC Forum Specifications
NFC Forum Certification

NFC Forum Adds New Capabilities to Certification Program

  New capabilities have been added to the certification program to simplify the testing of NFC end-products. A…

News May 17
contactless payment system Isaac Rabicoff LLC MasterCard MasterCard Tap on Phone NFC Patent Lawsuit Payvox Rabicoff Law

MasterCard Settles NFC Lawsuit with Payvox

  Details of the agreement were not disclosed MasterCard was one of eight companies sued by Payvox Payvox…

News May 16
alcoholic beverages Antonio Linardi AR augmented reality c-suite executives Cameron Worth Connected Experience Report Consumer Packaged Goods consumers CPG digital experiences Fedrigoni Healthcare & wellness marketing near-field communication NFC packaging technology integration QR-codes RFID RFID Journal LIVE! 2024 SharpEnd Sustainability
SharpEnd Connected Experience Report

SharpEnd Report Finds 85% of Brands Increasing NFC Investment

  SharpEnd second Connected Experience Report surveyed more than 1,000 c-suite executives Growing demand for ‘value add digital…

News May 1
Adam Alfia Auto Dealerships Auto Insurance Dallas-Fort Worth Data Glove Box Infiniti Insurance Cards Kfir Alfia Mitsubishi MyStar NFC Clip Nissan Phoneternet QR code Real Time Feedback SBX Subaru sun visor VIN number
NFC Car Clip RealTime Feedback

NFC Clip Digitizes a Vehicle’s Glove Box

The device attaches to visor to link users to content related to the car’s dealership, service provider. Technology…

News April 5
blockchain digital content Digital Product Passport James Barlow Microgroove NFC NFC+Blockchain OneOf Phil Coady STMicroelectronics The Beatles
Microgroove STMicroelectronics NFC Blockchain

Starting with The Beatles, NFC Links Digital and Physical with Microgroove

The NFC+Blockchain solution was launched with rare Beatles slides to connect owners of the slides with more of…

News April 4
asset-tracking systems Automation Inventory Management Software Monitored Order Fulfillment NFC RFID Sean Toohey Supply Chain

How to Automate Supply Chain Management with RFID and NFC Solutions

Supply chain management is key to the success of modern businesses, enabling teams to ensure essential materials and…

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