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environmental impact factories Joseph Schlossberg Retail retail shrinkage RFID chips Sourcing Solutions International Sustainability Theft
RFID Sustainability Joseph Schlossberg Sourcing Solutions International

The Global Reach and Sustainable Impact of Green RFID Technology

Editor’s Note: This story was first published by Retail TouchPoints Businesses today are constantly looking for ways to…

Expert Views July 9
Cybersecurity Google Authenticator ID badge MFA multi-factor authentication Near-field Communications phishing attacks single sign-on smartphone

Is Your Organization Ready for Phishing-Resistant MFA?

MFA’s do not meet emerging cybersecurity standards and industry best practices RFID and NFC products can be a…

Expert Views July 5
AI artificial intelligence Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive Data Eric Linxwiler ESG European Union Human Rights Real-Time Locating System supply chains traceability TradeBeyond Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act
Supply Chain ESG Eric Linxwiler

Traceability is Key to Protecting Human Rights in Supply Chains

Across the globe, a transformative wave is reshaping the landscape of international commerce. Nations and economic blocs worldwide…

Expert Views June 26
BLE Bluetooth Low Energy CC32xx ESP32 Espressif industrial automation Internet of Things IoT microcontrollers Nordic Semiconductor nRF54 Pico Raspberry Pi real-time operating systems smart homes system on a chip Texas Instruments wearables WebRTC for IoT Wi-Fi
IoT June 11 Carsten Rhod Gregersen, Founder/CEO, Nabto

How Low-Cost, High-Value Chips Are Changing IoT

A new breed of microcontrollers that pack immense computing power into tiny, low-cost chips is reshaping the Internet…

Expert Views June 11
AI artificial intelligence Bill Wappler Cisco data collection Data Integration Governance IIoT Industrial Internet of Things IoT Supply Chain Surgere
Surgere CEO Bill Wappler Supply Chain

2024 Supply Chain Trends: What’s Happened and What’s Next

As the midpoint of 2024 approaches, supply chain executives should take a step back from the daily rush…

Expert Views June 7
AiFi Ali Ahmed Amazon Amazon Fresh and Go auto-checkout systems Dash Carts frictionless shopping Just Walk Out RFID RFID tags Standard
Auto-Checkout Amazon Robomart Ali Ahmed

Auto-Checkout: Reacting to Amazon’s Retreat from Just Walk Out

Amazon recently announced that they were scaling back their camera based checkout-free system in their Amazon Fresh and…

Expert Views May 17
Nordstrom pharmaceuticals radio frequency identification Retail RFID Sam Vise standardization UNIQLO Universal Product Code UPC Warehouse Management System
RFID Standardization Optimum Retailing CEO Sam Vise

Embracing Standardization in RFID Technology: A Transformative Approach for Seamless Operations

In today’s rapidly evolving retail environment, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has emerged as a pivotal innovation. However,…

Expert Views May 14
Aileen Ryan CIN Program Company Identification Number Digital Product Passport Rain Alliance RAIN Alliance ISO Numbering System RAIN RFID
Aileen Ryan RAIN Alliance Company Identification Numbers

Broadening RAIN RFID Deployment with Lifelong Company Identification Numbers

It’s fair to say that RAIN RFID technology has well and truly arrived—in 2023, the RAIN RFID industry…

Expert Views May 9
Bluetooth EPCglobal Gen2 RFID Gen3 RFID GS1 Internet-connected devices IoT Pixels RFID RFID scanners
Gen 3 RFID Wiliot

Gen3 RFID and the Rise of Ambient IoT

  The ambient Internet of Things (IoT) it represents the true, third generation of RFID technology. With the…

Expert Views April 30