Avery Dennison, Myriota, Qualcomm, Technologies AG: RFID News Roundup

Published: May 30, 2024

Avery Dennison Expands M800

Avery Dennison recently announced the expansion of its Impinj M800 series IC product family to include a broader range of next generation RFID inlays and tags.

The AD Stealth and AD Sonic inlays and tags can be used in apparel, general retail, and logistics environments. Company officials have been fully tested and validated as the reliable readings at high volume and speed permitted by the new additions supports the demand for global applications where superior performance is required.

“This exciting expansion gives access to an even greater range of high performing, cost effective and value driven solutions,” said Mathieu De Backer, Vice President Innovation & Sustainability, Avery Dennison Smartrac, in a press statement. “Enabling reliable, high-speed readings of items allows our clients to devote more time to key business priorities.”

Avery Dennison refreshed its legacy AD Web design family to AD Stealth, a new compact design featuring the Impinj M800 series IC. Built with a slim profile, the AD Stealth M830 and AD Stealth M850 enable cost reduction benefits and the tagging of smaller items. They each carry a 53 x 17.5mm die cut footprint.

As for AD Sonic M830, company officials touted the inlays featuring a 44 x 20 mm antenna size for ease in converting into end-use applications that are ideal for supply chain, inventory, and logistics,

Myriota Unveils FlexSense for IoT Development

Global satellite IoT company Myriota has launched a new hardware platform designed to accelerate the development of sensor-based solutions and provide critical connectivity for remote tracking and sensing data globally.

The technology, named FlexSense, is being billed as offering developers a fast and low-risk pathway to market by drastically shortening the time required to bring new IoT solutions online. Featuring advanced Bluetooth Low Energy and multi-sensor capabilities, the device is powered by Myriota’s low-power satellite connectivity and can run for over ten years on just four AA batteries.

This new platform offers a code-free experience suitable for a myriad of applications, including location monitoring, humidity, pressure, temperature, and vibration sensing. FlexSense’s real-world applications are not limited to one sector as myriota’s clients span agriculture, water, transport and logistics, among other environmental applications.

Myriota claims the device can be deployed in minutes, transforming complex installations into a streamlined process. It comes in a highly rugged and resilient IP67-rated, UV-resistant enclosure operational within a temperature range of -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to 158°F), ensuring reliability in diverse and harsh environments.

Qualcomm, Aramco Target Digital Transformation in Saudi Arabia

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Aramco are working together to contribute to connectivity, AI, and advanced computing technologies for industrial use cases in Saudi Arabia.

This includes accelerating development of the industrial 4G/5G and non-terrestrial networks (NTN) ecosystem, including 450MHz cellular technology, and the design of hardware, software, and services to accelerate the deployment of end-to-end IoT solutions for industrial and enterprise use cases.

Nakul Duggal, group general manager, automotive, industrial and embedded IoT, and cloud computing, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., said the collaboration with Aramco address the IoT needs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and pave the way to showcase what state-of-the-art and sustainable digital transformation in the industrial space can look like.

“With our broad technology portfolio, we are in a unique position and look forward to being a key partner to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as they accelerate their industrial digital transformation,” said Duggal.

“By utilizing the power of cellular technology, high performance computing, and AI, we aim to elevate industrial IoT solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Durga Malladi, senior vice president and general manager, technology planning and edge solutions, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “This includes the use of the 450MHz spectrum to provide ubiquitous and resilient coverage that will be necessary to connect the millions of intelligent edge devices poised to come online.”

Technologies AG Launches News NFC Tag Enableing IoT Device Authentication

Technologies AG has launched Optiga Authenticate NBT, a high-performance NFC I2C bridge tag for single-tap authentication and secured configuration of IoT devices.

Company officials are promoting the Optiga Authenticate NBT as allowing ultra-fast and seamless data exchange even with large data volumes that enables contactless NFC communication between IoT devices and contactless readers such as smartphones. It can be used for various applications, such as secured configuration of electronic devices without a display, activation of shared mobility vehicles, passive commissioning of unpowered smart light bulbs prior to installation, and data logging on patient health monitors.

The security of Optiga Authenticate NBT is enhanced with Infineon’s Integrity Guard 32 security architecture, and the EAL6+ certification for both the hardware and the crypto libraries. Additionally, Infineon’s Tegrion hardware and enables a contactless interface speed of up to 848 Kbit/s and an I2C interface that supports up to 1 Mbits/s which results in good performance values. The NFC I2C bridge tag offers 8 KB of memory to store customer and application-specific configuration information. In addition, the high on-chip capacitance enables smaller antenna designs, optimizing both BOM costs and space requirements.

Optiga Authenticate NBT will become available to the broader market in August as the development shield and the kit are available to facilitate evaluation and design-in.

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