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Avery Dennison, Wiliot, Fedrigoni: RFID News Roundup

Avery Dennison Receives ARC Performance Certification for M800 Inlay Design Avery Dennison has announced AD Burst M830 as…

News July 3
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Avery Dennison, Myriota, Qualcomm, Technologies AG: RFID News Roundup

Avery Dennison Expands M800 Avery Dennison recently announced the expansion of its Impinj M800 series IC product family to…

News May 30
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Avery Dennison, PervasID, Beontag: RFID News Roundup

Avery Dennison Expands AD Pure Line Avery Dennison recently expanded its AD Pure range, a portfolio of inlays…

News May 9
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Robomart store-hailing systems

Consortium to Expand RFID-based, Self-Driving Stores

  A collective launched by five technology companies plan to develop and release store-hailing systems in cities around…

News May 6
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Optimum Retailing RFID

RFID Delivers Targeted Content to Shoppers

Optimum Retailing’s RFID solution connects product movement with digital content to provide trends-based intelligence To better understand how…

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Avery Dennison BLE Bluetooth Low Energy Enviroliner Labelcraft Logistics Grade Linerless Solution MODEX 2O24 NFC Resource Label Group RFID RLG STMicroelectronics VR headsets wearables
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Resource Label Group, LabelCraft, STMicroelectronics, Avery Dennison: RFID Roundup

RFID and NFC label maker acquires Labelcraft, New nodytracker employs STMicroelectronics IC, Avery Dennison wins sustainability award RFID…

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ACSIS Aileen Ryan AIM Avery Dennison Barbara Dunin Beontag Breakthroughs in Smart Packaging Breakthroughs in Smart Packaging: Revolutionizing the Link Between Manufacturers and Consumers Culinary Collaborations Dan Maiorino Digimarc Dr. Antonio Rizzi Enabling Sustainability: RAIN RFID Innovating Sustainability from Design to Disposal with Automated Technologies Jeanne Duckett John DiPalo Ken Sickles Mary Lou Bosco Mauricio Campos da Silva Measuring Sustainability with RFID One Tree at a Time Mike McCamon NFC Forum Patti Blessing Raf Fonteyn RAIN RFID Alliance Recycle: Valgroup Champions Circularity and Sustainability Throughout Latin America Redefining the Circular Economy: NFC and Digital Product Passport Reduce Renee Perry Reuse RFID Tosca University of Parma Valgroup Zebra Technologies
RFID Journal LIVE! serves the global Internet of Things community as an annual reference for updates on automatic identification and data capture topics.

RFID Journal LIVE! 2024: Traceability and Sustainability Sessions

The intersection of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) introduces new possibilities…

News March 26
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Avery Dennison Aquinos Group TripleR

Using RFID to Reduce Landfill Waste

Avery Dennison is helping a leading European mattress company comply with EU Digital Product Passport (DPP) rules Avery Dennison (AD) is…

News February 14
Amazon Archit Dua Avery Dennison Dean Frew Digital Product Passports healthcare Manolo Reguart Manufacturing Mathieu de Backer pharmaceuticals Retail RFID RFID 4U RIELEC–Clustag shrinkage Smartrac SML Group Supply Chain Sustainability Walmart

RFID Industry Prepares for a Year of Opportunities, Challenges

Companies are seeing a January uptick in demand for RFID technology solutions, or expansions across industries. In a…

News January 8