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RFID AWT Labels & Packaging American Label Technologies

AWT Labels & Packaging Acquires RFID Labeling Company

American Label Technologies is a provider of RFID and label solutions for healthcare, retail, warehousing, and automotive markets…

News July 17
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Beontag Eyes Niche Growth in RFID, IoT Technologies’s Best of 2023: Beontag Eyes Niche Growth in RFID, IoT Technologies

The company is expanding its presence through acquisitions to serve specific markets, and to offer a wider portfolio…

News December 28
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Barbra Chase

AI-Powered Store Intelligence Shines a Light on Shrink

Working alongside robots and tracked packaging, artificial intelligence and machine learning can support retailers' loss-prevention teams.

Expert Views July 23
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The Year's Most Important IoT Milestone

The Year’s Most Important IoT Milestone

RFID Journal LIVE! serves the global Internet of Things community as an annual reference for updates on automatic…

Expert Views June 7
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Onion Sortation, Storage Tracked via RFID

Onion Sortation, Storage Tracked via RFID

Produce company Gourmet monitors its onions, shallots and garlic as they are sorted, stored and then packaged, using…

News April 26
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Edson Perin

IoP Journal Launches Digital Product Passport Survey

The DPP is revealing a market full of companies that lack innovative technologies to support new advances and…

Expert Views April 19
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RFID-enabled Reusable Containers Boost Sustainability, Efficiency

RFID-enabled Reusable Containers Boost Sustainability, Efficiency

Tosca has tagged more than 1.5 million plastic pallets and high-value assets that transport goods to factories and…

News April 12
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Edson Perin

Artificial Intelligence Understands the IoP… Do You?

The term "Internet of Packaging" raises many questions among business executives and even technology people—questions answered by chatbots…

Expert Views April 9
2023 Industrial Manufacturing Packaging RFID Journal Events

LIVE! 2023 Spotlight: How to Integrate RFID into a Manufacturing Line

Here's why you won't want to miss the manufacturing technical workshop at this year's RFID Journal LIVE! conference…

News April 3