Watch, Listen to and Learn From the Experts

By Mark Roberti

The presentations from RFID Journal LIVE! 2010 are now available in our online video library, so end users can see how companies are benefiting from the technology today.


A few years ago, I received an e-mail following RFID Journal LIVE!, from a gentlemen who said—and I’m not making this up—”Your speakers are so good, they should be on TV.”

As it happens, we do video-record all of the general sessions at our LIVE! conferences, and we audio-record every track and preconference seminar session, synching each to the speaker’s PowerPoint presentation. All of these recordings are then made available in the video library on our Web site, so that our readers can learn from the experts.

Not every speaker has a scintillating delivery, of course, but we do work hard to recruit presenters with great case studies to share, and we take a lot of pride in the high quality of our content. Some of these recordings are available for free, while others are reserved for premium members of RFID Journal, as well as for those who attended our LIVE! event.

The biggest complaint I’ve heard over the years is that with so many valuable sessions scheduled simultaneously, it’s sometimes difficult to choose which to attend. Therefore, our recordings offer attendees the opportunity to see everything they missed. And premium members unable to attend LIVE! can learn how companies in their industry are using radio frequency identification to improve their operations.

RFID Journal‘s mission is—and always has been—to help businesses learn how RFID can deliver business value. To that end, we are making all of the general sessions available for free, and I encourage readers to take advantage of this valuable opportunity. Anyone who plans to deploy RFID on a large scale should watch Carlo Nizam’s presentation (see Airbus Reveals the Benefits of an Enterprise Approach to RFID, Part I, Part II and Part III). As Airbus‘ head of value chain visibility and RFID, Nizam has been pioneering best practices in the technology’s adoption.

Whatever type of RFID solution you are considering deploying, Keith Sheardown’s presentation can help you avoid mistakes. Sheardown, the general manager of technology solutions at Bombardier Transportation, discussed the early mistakes his firm made, and explained how a $40 book helped him avoid wasting $100,000 (see Bombardier Runs a Smarter Railroad With RFID, Part I, Part II and Part III).

Here are some of the other great sessions you can check out for free:

RFID in 2010—Expanding the Scope and Extending the Benefits

Part IPart IIPart III

Mike Poldino, the VP and general manager of Motorola’s RFID division, discusses how new products and services are helping organizations to improve efficiencies and maximize productivity.

How the DOD Is Building a World-Class Supply Chain

Part IPart IIPart III

Brigadier General Michelle Johnson, the director of strategy, policy, programs and logistics for the U.S. Transportation Command, explains how RFID streamlines supply chain operations, rooting out inefficiencies.

The Power of Vertical Industry Solutions Built on Microsoft BizTalk RFID

Part IPart IIPart III

Sudhir Hasbe, a senior product manager at Microsoft, introduces RFID solutions for the manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and oil and gas sectors.

Passive RTLS: Enterprises Gain Visibility into Large-Scale Operations

Part IPart IIPart III

A panel of experts—Mark Lieberman, the program manager of the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency; Curt Smith, BP‘s CTO; and Carsten Sowa, Lufthansa Technik‘s RFID program manager—describe how they are employing an innovative passive real-time locating system (RTLS) from Mojix to solve a variety of business challenges.

I encourage attendees and premium members to check out the main conference track and preconference seminar recordings we’ve archived. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience captured in these videos.

I thank all of our speakers for donating their time and sharing their stories at LIVE!, and for granting us permission to post the videos on our Web site. The RFID Journal Network won’t be challenging the Oprah Winfrey Network for cable supremacy any time soon, but in the RFID industry, our video library—like our premier RFID event—is the best in the world.

Mark Roberti is the founder and editor of RFID Journal. If you would like to comment on this article, click on the link below. To read more of Mark’s opinions, visit the RFID Journal Blog, RFID Connect or the Editor’s Note archive.