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HID Buys Vizza Adobe

HID Acquires Vizzia Technologies

Acquisition grows HID’s RTLS portfolio with enhanced asset management and tracking capabilities Vizzia Technologies is positioned in the…

News July 10
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Welcome to the Newly Redesigned Website! takes its latest step in being the premier website for the industry with a new design launched…

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RFiD Discovery RFID

Companies Deploy RFID Solution Leveraging Forklift Mounted Readers

RFiD Discovery’s LiftTrak solution is used at large storage sites to track when and where goods are transported…

News March 29
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real-time location systems CenTrak

CenTrak Releases its Unified Platform for Healthcare RTLS Data

The ConnectRT system provides a solution in which healthcare workers and management can access data related to multiple…

News March 5
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Shoplifters Beware—RFID Tags Powered by AI Are On to You

The retail landscape is under siege as brands grapple to safeguard their margins amidst challenging times. With high…

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