HID Acquires Vizzia Technologies

Published: July 10, 2024
  • Acquisition grows HID’s RTLS portfolio with enhanced asset management and tracking capabilities
  • Vizzia Technologies is positioned in the healthcare market

HID has acquired Vizzia Technologies, a leading provider of hardware-agnostic, full-service real-time location systems (RTLS) platforms designed for healthcare and hospital applications.

The addition of Vizzia expands HID’s offering and relevance in the healthcare RTLS space, including support for asset management and tracking, as well as other use cases designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare facilities.

In addition to its asset management and tracking capabilities, Vizzia will provide additional solutions to HID’s healthcare RTLS portfolio, including environmental monitoring, patient workflow, and hand hygiene compliance.

Expanding Healthcare Market

Björn Lidefelt, EVP and head of HID, said the deal allows HID to help healthcare professionals enhance the patient, visitor, and staff experience.

“Thanks to this acquisition, our RTLS portfolio is now better equipped to empower hospitals to optimize their layered security approach and improve overall care,” said Lidefelt in a press statement announcing the deal.

Vizzia offers a RTLS platform built with clinicians in mind. The platform features an asset management and tracking solution, which includes a user interface that tracks real-time location data and provides insights on equipment utilization, equipment inventory and purchasing decisions, as well as maintenance requirements. Vizzia also provides on-site managed services.

Comments from Vizzia

“At Vizzia, we have built a strong presence in providing outstanding technologies and services to our customers in the Healthcare space,” said Vizzia CEO Andrew Halasz. “We are excited to begin our next chapter with HID and look forward to combining forces to increase our market presence and leadership in this vertical that touches everyone’s lives.”

The platform of the Atlanta-based company offers best-in-class asset management and tracking capabilities, helping healthcare facilities save money and improve patient safety.

The award-winning solutions allow users to find equipment quickly, eliminate lost and stolen equipment, prevent hospital-acquired infections, and help healthcare facilities rent and buy only the equipment they truly need.

Vizza’s Place in HID

Vizzia will be absorbed into HID’s Identification Technologies Business Area. The Vizzia solution will merge into HID’s Internet of Things Services (IOTS) Business Unit and benefit from HID’s sales and other global functions to support its offering.

“Incorporating Vizzia into our identification technologies business further demonstrates our commitment to being a top contender in the Healthcare RTLS space,” said Marc Bielmann, SVP and Head of identification technologies, HID. “This acquisition is yet another exciting step in our journey to enabling safe and efficient workplaces using real-time location data for people and things.”

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