Welcome to the Newly Redesigned RFIDJournal.com Website!

Published: July 10, 2024

RFIDJournal.com takes its latest step in being the premier website for the industry with a new design launched today!

Along with RFID Journal LIVE, our publication continues to evolve as we embrace the rapidly-changing and growing landscape of RFID as a vast number of companies and organizations large and small—with an estimated 50B UHF tags being consumed in 2024— have embraced the technology.

RFID Journal was the world’s first independent media company devoted solely to radio frequency identification and its many business applications. It is recognized as the world’s leading source of RFID news and insights.

As the RFID market has matured, so has our coverage expanded—Internet of Things, Wireless Sensors, and Artificial Intelligence—introducing new possibilities for data analysis, automation and decision-making. But our mission remains the same: help companies use technologies to improve the way they do business.

RFID Offerings

While we are getting a much-needed face lift, the core of what we offer in not being altered—just presented in a more user-friendly way. It will now be easier to find and read our great assortment of content and resources on the website, which includes breaking news, feature stories, and timely trend pieces. And readers will hear from industry leaders in their own words under our Expert View’s section!

RFID Journal has long invited members of the academic, industrial and research communities, as well as vendors and other businesses, to submit thought leadership and white papers relevant to our areas of coverage. Topics discussed in our archives include supply chain, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, security, asset tracking, privacy, standards and regulations, and much, much more.

This site began its journey spearheaded by founder and editor Mark Roberti, who started the site from a self-described “one-man garage business” into a growing, breathing, vitally important hub for the entire RFID-extended world, which now includes real-time location systems (RTLS), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), LoRaWAN, and digital twins. RFID Journal has remained a trusted, credible resource as the market has matured.

The Industry Resource Site

“The future for RFID products and the industries they contribute to is here. Today, it is already serving markets not imagined even six months ago,” said James Hickey, managing edition, RFIDJournal.com. “I want the site to focus on how the data that is now in our hands is used. I am here to tell those stories as well as those that are the lifeblood of RFID—the new products that make it all possible.”

Our goal as the leading voice in the industry is to help businesses improve their decision-making when it comes to RFID, AI, NFC, IoT and other technologies. A case in point this year is Claire Swedberg continuing series on AI, cutting through the marketing promotions to discover how and who is using it.

In coordination with RFID Journal LIVE, we spotlight and celebrate the key players and products in the industry. This all leads up to our annual show and the RFID Journal Awards that illuminates innovation, the advancements and progress on the part of the RFID industry as a whole.

Webinar Event

We wanted to kick off the new website launch with something special. To that end, we have partnered with Zebra Technologies for a webinar entitled “Revolutionizing Manufacturing: Leveraging RFID for Real-Time WIP Tracking and Beyond.”

Set to run on July 10, the scheduled webinar will feature a panel discussion that dives into the transformative potential of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for WIP asset tracking within the manufacturing industry. The distinguished panel includes Kevin Berisso, director, AutoID Lab, University of Memphis; Doug Harvel, senior IT distribution analyst, Kontoor Brands; Rubin Press, chief commercial officer (CCO), Xemelgo; and Richard Woodburn, business development, passive RFID, Zebra Technologies Corp.

Besides the website, you can follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn. Additionally, you can get all our content delivered to your inbox by subscribing to our weekly newsletter.

So welcome to a new era for RFIDJournal.com as we continue to be the place the RFID community comes to get their news and express their views.