SuperCom Secures Monitoring Contract for Southern California

By Rich Handley

The company will deploy its PureSecurity electronic monitoring suite with a customer that provides products and services to the criminal justice market.

SuperCom, a provider of secured solutions for the e-government, Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity sectors, has secured a new contract to deploy its PureSecurity suite of electronic monitoring with a customer in Southern California, a provider of products and services to the criminal justice market. SuperCom reports that it worked directly with government agencies and electronic monitoring service providers, and that its proprietary products were instrumental in securing the contract.

Founded in 1988, SuperCom provides traditional and digital-identity solutions for safety, identification and security to governments and organizations worldwide, both private and public. Its offerings include RFID and mobile technologies, with complementary services for industries including healthcare, homecare, security, safety, community public safety, law enforcement, electronic monitoring, livestock monitoring, and building and access automation.

SuperCom's PureSecurity electronic monitoring suite

SuperCom's PureSecurity electronic monitoring suite

The company's proprietary e-government platforms and solutions are intended for traditional and biometrics enrollment, personalization, issuance and border control services, and governments and national agencies. SuperCom says government users have utilized these technologies to design secure multi-ID documents and digital-identity solutions for citizens and visitors. The contract is structured as a per-unit, per-day lease model for use of the PureSecurity suite, with billing at the end of each month.

"As a developer of public-safety solutions, the stakes are high and we must be selective in who we work with," said Ordan Trabelsi, SuperCom's CEO and president. "We are constantly impressed by the high caliber of partnerships with local providers we are able to form. These quality partnerships are a testament to the value our products bring to the market. We were able to secure this contract after our proprietary products were evaluated and compared to other competing products by a long-standing provider in the industry."

SuperCom's PureSecurity electronic monitoring and tracking platform includes such features as smartphone integration, secure communication, security functionality, anti-tamper mechanisms, fingerprint biometrics, voice communication, touch screens and extended battery life. The PureSecurity suite includes:

  • PureTrack, which leverages smartphone technology to provide a GPS enrollee tracking platform
  • PureCom, an RF base station designed for house-arrest programs
  • PureTag, a secure, compact RF bracelet with an encrypted RF signal and Bluetooth support
  • PureBeacon, a secure RF device designed to provide indoor surveillance of offenders when GPS is unsuitable
  • PureProtect, a smartphone app for victims that identifies proximity violations and issues alerts without breaching privacy
  • PureMonitor, cloud-based software designed for public safety, with tracking capabilities, smart routes and an integrated monitoring center