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By Mark Roberti

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Below you will find links to the recordings and slides from the solution provider sessions held during  RFID Journal Virtually LIVE! 2020.


Getting Retail Digital Transformation Right
Times have changed and so have customers’ expectations. E-commerce has boomed with the pandemic, and retailers feel the pressure to deliver faster within a more flexible, agile and sustainable 360-degree omnichannel delivery model across fulfillment centers and stores. This digital transformation has been hyper charged with the customer at the center asking for ever increasing agility and transparency. Will you be ready with the right tools to improve inventory visibility and availability, powering alternative fulfilment models? Join Kris Barton, Avery Dennison’s Director, Market Development, Intelligent Labels, in our latest webinar on RFID and its ability to future proof the retail sector.
Speaker: Kris Barton, Director, Market Development, Intelligent Labels, Avery Dennison

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STMicroelectronics’ Upgrades Reader IC: Boosting Reader Performance to 800 Tags Per Second
The ST25RU3993 RAIN® (UHF) RFID reader IC received an upgrade to help reader manufacturers boost product performance and provide additional functionality. This session will cover the product’s main features, including multi-protocol support for the 840-960 MHz UHF band (it is compatible with ISO18000-62 & -63, ISO29143 and to GS1’s EPC UHF Gen2 air interface protocols); on-chip VCO, a power amplifier, dense reader mode (DRM) functionality and support for frequency-hopping, low-level transmission coding, low-level decode, data framing, and CRC checking. The webinar will also explain the improved software and hardware, performance tests, and benchmark results with industry-leading read rates. Learn how the new capabilities can be leveraged in retail, aviation and other key industries.
Speaker: Jim Barlow, Business Development and Technical Marketing, STMicroelectronics

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Examples of How Item-level RFID is Becoming Essential for Effective BOPIS Models for Retailers
Open to all conference attendees, this session will provide real-life examples of successful deployments, including in-depth discussions of both time-tested and emerging solutions.
Speaker: Dean Frew, Chief Technology Officer and Senior VP for RFID Solutions, SML

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Strength in Stability and Innovation: How HID is Leading Technology Development and Market Position
Choosing a technology or solution is easy, choosing a vendor you can trust can be challenging. Join this session to gain insights into HID’s strategic position and vision that is leading industry conversation and quickly adapting to market changes. Furthermore, learn of new technologies and solutions that are solving for new use cases, company challenges and industry changes that we now face during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Speaker: Richard Aufreiter,  VP, Product Marketing, HID Global

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When IoT Meets Wellness: Intelligent RFID Makes Healthcare Simpler, Smarter, and Safer
RFID is making the world increasingly more digital, allowing us to connect billions of everyday items in the IoT. When we add flexible RFID to wellness, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals, the benefits (quite literally) change lives. Authentication, anti-counterfeiting, transferring patient information, temperature sensing, patient compliance monitoring — intelligent RFID is making healthcare simpler, smarter, and safer.
Speaker: Vera Mauerberger, Product Manager Transponders, Identiv

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Omni-ID – Sense IoT Devices – The Future of Tracking, Monitoring, Sensing and Data Gathering
Omni-ID launched a range of intelligent and powerful IoT devices in early 2020. The Sense range has models focusing on Asset Management/Logistics and Conditioning Monitoring harnessing the power of BLE and LoRaWAN. Since the launch Omni-ID have launched ‘OmniSphere’ software as a fully formed cloud based IoT platform that integrates all data from Sense devices in one place providing simple data collection, interpretation, storage and visualization. The range is growing fast and new developments include devices that include Quuppa technology to provide highly accurate position data for detailed asset or personal tracking (as well as a solution that enforces and monitors social distancing). There are also new additions including a push button alert device and a range finder that triggers alerts based on distances being measured to show if a receptacle is full or empty etc.
Speaker: Matthieu Behroozi, Product Manager, Omni-ID

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Semtech – LoRaWAN in Logistics
Semtech’s LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol simplify smart supply chain and logistics use cases to track highly valued assets in transit. Due to its long range and low power consumption and GPS-free geolocation abilities, LoRaWAN enables cargo, vehicles and other assets to be easily monitored over large geographic regions and within harsh environments.
Speaker:  Roelof Koopmans, Sr. Director of Strategic Alliance Solution Partners, Semtech

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