Part II: RFID Independence Day: An Insider’s Look at Best Practices for Building Profitable RFID Solution

By Doug

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For the first time, Savi Technology is offering open access to its suite of RFID development tools, built on more than two decades of RFID experience. In this Webinar, Savi will explain its licensing plan and how RFID solution providers and end users can use it to build successful RFID solutions for their customers or themselves. You will also hear from Comtech, a provider of satellite solutions, and ODIN, a leading RFID solutions provider, about how they are leveraging the Savi Developers’ Suite to build profitable RFID solutions. Speakers: Mark Roberti, founder and editor of RFID Journal • Paul Krakow, Director of Business Development, Savi Technology • Eddie Coleman, VP of Logistic Programs, Comtech Mobile Datacom • Bret Kinsella, Chief Operating Officer, ODIN Technologies