Case Study: The “Fugitive” Assets in Oil and Gas

By Doug

  • TAGS

Since 2008, the CIITS lab at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology has been actively experimenting with, developing and piloting hardware and software solutions utilizing RFID technology for industries in Alberta. One of its most recent projects, for a large cap oil and gas producer headquartered in Calgary, involved the tracking and tracing of outdoor assets, including their locations. This presentation will cover the 12-month UHF RFID project the CIITS lab undertook to prove the concept of tagging, tracking and tracing assets at a harsh location, into and out of a large storage yard. Learn how RFID technology was used in conjunction with a variety of platforms to make this project a success, including fixed and handheld readers, as well as an RFID-enabled UAV.

Speaker: Glen Kathler, Applied Research Chair – RFID Application Development, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)