Tracking Turtles With RFID

A friend of mine seeks assistance in tracking turtles at a wildlife sanctuary in South Carolina.
Published: July 27, 2011

Over the years, we’ve written a number of articles about radio frequency identification technology being employed to track animals. A friend of mine, Lucinda, owns a vineyard in Swansea, S.C., approximately 15 minutes south of the capital city of Columbia. There are 10 turtles on her property, ranging in size from 4 inches to one foot long, and she would like to build a sanctuary for the animals, and be able to monitor them remotely.

“I’m hoping to eventually make it into a government-recognized reptile sanctuary, so it’s a project that will expand in the future,” Lucinda says. “For now, though, it’s a small enclosure on my land where they can be free, yet not wander away. I need to monitor them from afar, so that I won’t have to worry about them when I’m not there.”

Lucinda asked if I knew of any way to do this with radio frequency identification. I do believe it is possible, but I wonder if there are any universities in the area that are researching the technology’s use in monitoring animals, that might be willing to work with her on this project. If you have any interest, please e-mail me at, and I will put you in touch with Lucinda.

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