GIKS Fashion Chain Deploys RFID in Stores and DC Within a Week

By Doug

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GIKS MODE sells fashion and apparel items from multiple top brands, with stores across Belgium. The chain is using RFID at all of its stores and its distribution center to increase sales and reduce shrinkage. The fashion retail chain put the technology into production during a single week in June, due to careful planning and execution, as well as the plug-and-play nature of the selected solution. The firm is tagging all of its items at the central DC and, as a result, has gained visibility into stock movements across the entire supply chain. GIKS MODE deployed a variety of in-store and supply chain applications, including weekly store cycle counts, shipment validation, early detection of vendor errors and automated point-of-sale checkout. During this presentation, the firm will discuss its RFID deployment, along with IT considerations and RFID business benefits for fashion retail chains.