Connecting the Pharma Supply Chain with RFID via Enterprise Sensor Integration (ESI)

By Doug

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Pharma companies face highly complex challenges within their supply chains, including increasing regulatory requirements for serialization and security. They are under intense pressure to prevent counterfeiting and product spoilage, which can severely damage brand reputation and pose significant health risks to patients. During this presentation, learn how Pharma companies and other healthcare organizations can mitigate risk and extend supply chain visibility with Enterprise Sensor Integration (ESI). Tapestry’s ESI is an Internet of Things platform that seamlessly integrates RFID and myriad sensor technologies through a common interface – regardless of sensor types or hardware brands. Successfully implemented at Boeing and BAE Systems, ESI enables decision-makers to see a complete picture of asset movements and inventory. ESI supports track-and-trace capabilities across global supply chains, and also monitors cold chain conditions for products like biologics, which have strict temperature requirements. This helps ensure the integrity of pharmaceuticals while in transit or in storage.