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  • Three Boosts for EPCIS

    ISO ratification, new guidelines and free tools will propel adoption of the Electronic Product Code Information Services standard.

  • No Free Lunches With RFID

    We must balance the cost of information with improvement in decisions and actions.

  • Making Objects Smarter

    New RFID reader chips can be embedded in products to give them the intelligence to interact with people and the world around them.

  • A Decade of Progress

    An RFID evangelist, cheerleader and agent provocateur shares his views on the industry's failures and successes during the past 10 years.

  • Protecting EPC Tags

    In the short term, companies could use a transponder ID written to every microchip to ensure the authenticity of an EPC tag.

  • The Reality Search Engine

    While Google is great at finding written or recorded information, it can't deliver when it comes to real-time, real-life events. RFID could change that.

  • If at First You Don't Succeed

    Companies should keep an open mind about RFID applications.

  • Opening Up the Network

    Open-source simulation software will enable the RFID community to help develop and learn to use the Internet of Things.

  • Does RFID Spell TAX?

    If the Ontario court rejects a pending appeal, any company using an RFID system within the province could be required to remit an additional tax based on the value of the RFID equipment, tags, labels and software used.

  • The Shift to Value Up Front

    Over the past year, various RFID middleware vendors have turned to offering sharply focused applications that provide immediate payback to end users.

  • Return on Innovation

    Return on investment is not the only way to calculate the value of RFID.

  • Keeping Bogus Drugs Out of the Medicine Cabinet

    A number of factors are conspiring to significantly increase the potential for counterfeit drugs to wind up in our homes.

  • Spotlight on Five Hot Apps

    When you think outside the supply chain, amazing RFID applications will be possible.

  • Moving Toward the Talking Tag

    When combined with a voice-directed work system, an RFID implementation can yield an immediate ROI.

  • RFID Shelf-life Monitoring Helps Resolve Disputes

    By attaching RFID-enabled sensors to shipments of perishable goods, producers and retail buyers can identify spoilage, and its causes.

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