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Reelsurance RFID Label Counting and Inspection System has been available since 2014. It has been well adopted by RAIN RFID tag manufacturers, and also utilized by several tag users to be able to check the quality of the received products before application.


The new improved Reelsurance Dual Frequency enables testing both RAIN RFID (UHF) and HF/NFC tags and it is optimized for dual frequency tag testing. It uses the Voyantic Tagsurance UHF and HF testers to verify the RFID tag operation sensitivity. This is done by using communications tests at several frequency and power level combinations with high resolution, stability and high speed.

To guarantee reliable test results for tags on a roll with tight pitch, it is essential to have optimized coupling elements for each tag type. Two separate Voyantic Snoop Pro coupling elements for dipole type UHF tag antenna and a coil type HF tag antenna provide the ideal coupling to both tag types. For dual frequency tags it is important to be able to verify the quality of both interfaces. With Reelsurance this is done in parallel during the same test run.

The Reelsurance high quality platform ensures 100% accuracy and repeatability. The precise speed and tension control guarantees excellent alignment accuracy of the measured tags to the coupling element used for testing and perfect even roll tension throughout the roll, assuring reliable test results and preventing damage on the tags. Reelsurance operates in multiple motion and test modes. Tags can be analyzed thoroughly with the threshold sweep test mode, or tested in continuous motion at high speed. The same platform allows also encoding of the tags.

The Reelsurance system is a real asset to any quality assurance department. It can be equipped with different printer options. The printer system can be either a simple ink marker or a more configurable print system. The Reelsurance can also be set to automatically stop the bad tag on the splice table for immediate rework by the operator.

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