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Empowering Visibility-Driven Applications for High-Performance, Real-Time Enterprises

All VideosEmpowering Visibility-Driven Applications for High-Performance, Real-Time Enterprises

High-performing companies are looking to seamlessly connect their internal departments, support networks and demand and supply chains. Reducing the cost and complexity of infrastructure plumbing for a new breed of real-time applications, Microsoft and its eco-system of hardware and software partners are enabling mass adoption of RFID, SOA and B2B solutions by developing systems that empower users to gain productivity and business efficiencies with integrated real-time information in day-to-day business processes. Learn how customers worldwide are using the BizTalk RFID platform to drive results by harnessing RFID and sensor data, and how Microsoft is making it easier and simpler to deploy a new breed of ‘visibility-driven’ applications at the mobile edge. Speaker: Anush Kumar, Senior Product Director, Microsoft Corp.

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Duration:  30:30
Published:  2008-5-13
Tags:  IT/Infrastructure, LIVE 2010 Keynote Sessions, Registration Not Required

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