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Simbe Mobile Virtual Platforms

Simbe Offers New Mobile, Virtual Capabilities on Web Platform

The mobile capabilities is being promoted as streamlining retail operations by prioritizing daily inventory and pricing tasks As…

News July 16
Fabrice Morini HID Global' Hospitality RFID Textile Services Business Unit
How to Manage Linens via RFID’s Best of 2023: How to Manage Linens via RFID

Radio frequency identification enables hotels, resorts and hospitality companies to automate asset management, and a simple set of…

How-To & Best Practices December 29
Food/Agriculture Retail Supply Chain
Chipotle is deploying RFID technology at all of its U.S. locations.’s Best of 2023: Chipotle and Suppliers Partner to Roll Out RFID Nationwide

The quick-serve restaurant is leading the way with a solution that tracks every crate of goods received and…

How-To & Best Practices December 19
Construction Kemar Automation Logistics Rajeshwar Bhatt Star Cement Zebra Technologies
The collected data is forwarded to the Urgetruck software’s Best of 2023: Star Cement Boosts Logistics Efficiency with Sensors, RFID

A solution from Kemar Automation includes reader gates at entry and exit points, loading areas, weight stations and…

How-To & Best Practices December 18
Emerging Technologies

Pernambucanas Deploys RFID Across All 500 Stores

The Brazilian retailer has boosted its inventory visibility, reduced labor, and increased stock accuracy with a solution taken…

News July 18
Automation Supply Chain
Adrian Smith

Automation Isn’t Always the Answer to Warehouse Inefficiencies

By using warehouse-management data to ask the right questions of your business, it's easier to decide if and…

Expert Views July 12
Energy/Mining Logistics Supply Chain
IoT Connects Across U.S., Canada with New Solution

IoT Connects Across United States, Canada with New Solution

Soracom's Plan US-MAX offering enables devices using eSIM cards to connect to a network in remote or rural…

News July 3
Industrial Internet Retail Software UWB
ScaleOut Software Adds Google Cloud Support

RFID News Roundup

Browan, Actility collaborate on LoRaWAN solutions; Industry IoT Consortium updates security framework; ScaleOut Software adds Google Cloud support;…

News June 29
Consumer Packaged Goods Retail
Aligning Purpose with Profits

Aligning Purpose with Profits

How consumer goods companies can unlock business growth by integrating sustainability into their operations.

Expert Views May 30
Aerospace Manufacturing
RFID-based Delivery Solution Manages Aircraft Parts

RFID-based Delivery Solution Manages Aircraft Parts

Sekisui and Xemelgo developed, tested and deployed a solution that brought visibility to aircraft component production and boosted…

News May 28