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Apple EU NFC

Apple, EU Finalize NFC Tap-and-Go Technology Investigation

EU previously found that Apple enjoyed a dominant position by restricting access to NFC The agreement is for…

News July 11
Cybersecurity Google Authenticator ID badge MFA multi-factor authentication Near-field Communications phishing attacks single sign-on smartphone

Is Your Organization Ready for Phishing-Resistant MFA?

MFA’s do not meet emerging cybersecurity standards and industry best practices RFID and NFC products can be a…

Expert Views July 5
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Car Connectivity Consortium Digital Key

CCC Companies Building Standardized NFC Car Access

  The Digital Key standard includes near-field communications (NFC) that allows car companies to offer a short-range solution…

News May 31
Apple European Union Near-field Communications
Apple iPhone NFC European Union

Apple’s Close to EU Deal to Open NFC Technology: Report

  The issue is Apple’s tap-and-go NFC technology allowing for contactless payments with mobile wallets An agreement with…

News April 24