T3Ci Processes Billionth RFID Tag Read

By Andrew Price

The company says the milestone shows RFID adoption is growing.


T3Ci, a leading RFID analytics and applications company, announced today that it had processed its billionth RFID tag read during the month of February 2007. “This is an important milestone for the company,” says Jonathan Golovin, T3Ci’s chairman and CEO, “and for the application of RFID to business processes in general.”

T3Ci takes data from product manufacturers and their retail partners and analyzes it to help companies improve operations. The firm has analyzed data from more than a billion tag reads for some 30 customers. T3Ci says these customers have cumulative revenues of over $700 billion and include five of the top seven global consumer product goods (CPG) manufacturers.

“This clearly demonstrates that the use of RFID is becoming mainstream,” Golovin says. “We’re no longer working only on pilot projects with our customers; we have proven the business case for RFID, and we are focusing on rolling out scalable programs that become business-as-usual for our customers.”

Golovin adds that companies have gone beyond just monitoring RFID reads and are now using T3Ci’s analytical applications to improve execution of in-store promotions, as well as to reduce store and shelf out-of-stocks.

Such customers as Unilever and Kao Brands assert that T3Ci’s applications drive business value (see Unilever Expects Big Gains From Its RFID Data-Sharing Trial).

“They know RFID and have built business applications rather than technical ones,” says Mike Weber, Kao Brands’ global application associate director, “which have helped us look for ways to create value with our RFID investment.”

It took T3Ci nearly three years to process the first billion reads for its customers. However, at the current rate of growth, the company expects it to take fewer than four months to process its second billion.