Successful Deployment of RTLS in Health Care

By Doug

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San Joaquin Community Hospital, part of the Adventist Health System, recently deployed an enterprise-wide real-time location system (RTLS) covering 350,000 square feet and involving more than 1,300 assets. The system included equipment asset tags and temperature-monitoring tags. In this session, learn how the hospital is employing RTLS as a solution to budget pressures, not as an additional cost. Learn how to utilize the data to make business decisions that result in an ROI. Hear how San Joaquin Community Hospital worked with its vendor during the installation process to make sure the solution provided a financially significant return on its investment.
Speaker: Sam Itani, Vice President, San Joaquin Community Hospital
NOTE: This session was not recorded properly in Dallas, so we have provided a link to the recording of Itani’s presentation in Boston.