Retailer Boosts RFID Tag Read Safety, Efficiency with Shelfie Stick

A retailer began deploying RFID in Europe in 2019, to manage inventory in back rooms and at store fronts, with passive UHF RFID tags attached at the source. In order to read the tags in the back room of the stores, the sales staff slid ladders into position and climbed up to read tags on goods located up to 9 feet high, then step down, move the ladders, and begin again. To overcome that obstacle, the firm began using an extendable device known as a Shelfie Stick. Developed and patented by RFID Sherpas, the stick enables the retailer to nearly eliminate the use of ladders when employees conduct daily RFID-based inventory counts, reducing count times and injury risk. Learn how the retailer has reduced by approximately 40 percent of its previous RFID counting time, while boosting tag read accuracy.
Mark Berryman, Managing Director, CATTERICK BLACK Consulting