RFID Journal to Hold Inaugural RFID Event in Australia Focused on Energy, Mining and Construction

By RFID Journal

The event, to be held on Aug. 12-13, will be co-located with the Lean Construction Conference, and will focus on how companies in these sectors are employing RFID to improve their business operations.

RFID Journal announced today that registration is now open for the RFID in Energy, Mining & Construction conference and exhibition that will be held on Aug. 12-13, 2014, at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, located in Australia. The event will be co-located with the 4th LCI Australian Lean Construction Conference.

Attendees will learn how leading oil and gas producers, refineries and distributors, as well as mining companies and utilities, are using radio frequency identification to track tools and equipment, manage inventory, streamline business processes, comply with regulations and much more. End-user case studies will explain the benefits that RFID is delivering to construction, mining, gas and oil firms, and will explore the challenges that must be overcome to achieve such benefits. The use of all types of RFID, including active and passive systems, will be explored, and speakers will reveal how RFID can be combined with other technologies, such as GPS, to create true, real-time visibility.

"The industry could gain similar benefits seen from RFID standardization practices by Airbus and Boeing in the aircraft-manufacturing industry," says Martijn Truijens, a lean-technology advisor at Woodside Energy and a council member of the Lean Construction Institute of Western Australia, "but more collaboration is required in the oil and gas sector."

Following the event, the Global RFID Committee for Oil & Gas, established in May 2013 (see Energy Industry Leaders Promote RFID Adoption), will host the RFID in Oil & Gas Standards Workshop at the site on Aug. 14. The committee's founders believe that RFID technology has the potential to deliver significant benefits, and are collaborating toward global standardization. The organization also hopes to encourage the development of technologies that meet the specific needs of the oil and gas industry's business and technical requirements, including the creation of RFID equipment certified as intrinsically safe. The workshop's purpose is to establish committees and a framework for achieving these goals.

"This is a unique event at which energy, mining and construction companies can learn how RFID can improve efficiencies," says Mark Robert, RFID Journal's founder and editor, "and executives can then help create the standards that will allow everyone in the industry to benefit."

More information is available at the event's website, www.rfidjournalevents.com/energy, or by contacting attendee registration at energyreg@rfidjournal.com or +1 (631) 249-4960.