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Energy Company Tracks Metal Drums via RFID, LoRa

Energy Company Tracks Metal Drums via RFID, LoRa

CPC Corp. has leveraged a hybrid system from EPC Solutions Taiwan that tracks the identity, location and weight…

How-To & Best Practices April 19
• Nedap Creates Secure RFID Checkout Tech for Retailers

RFID News Roundup

Nedap creates secure RFID checkout tech for retailers; Ecom Instruments offers smart devices for oil and gas workers;…

News July 21
Chemical Emerging Technologies Industrial Manufacturing Retail Software

AR and VR Create Remote Intelligence for Industrial Workers

Global businesses are using Librestream's augmented and virtual reality-based platform to provide operators with access to data on…

News July 8
Chemical Construction Energy/Mining Industrial

Ten Ways RFID Improves Quality Control in Harsh Environments

RFID tags can be used for quality control in harsh environments, including those containing extreme temperatures, high impact,…

How-To & Best Practices May 1
2021 Chemical Construction Energy/Mining RFID Journal Events

Virtual Event Report: RFID in Harsh Environments

View the PDFs and recordings from RFID Journal's recent online event.

News November 12
Chemical Energy/Mining Industrial Software

Aramco Pursues Worker Safety, Flare, BOP Prevention via IoT

At its gas plants and drilling rigs in Saudi Arabia, the company has deployed an Internet of Things…

News September 24
Chemical Energy/Mining Industrial Social Distancing

Petrochemical Company Employs RFID for Safety, Productivity

Invista and other companies are tracking when workers fall or require assistance, where individuals are located for safety…

News October 12
Chemical NFC Pharmaceutical

NFC May Bring Efficiency, Accountability to Laboratories

Test and research labs are tracking the chemicals and other samples used for their scientific work, by tagging…

News March 24
BLE Chemical Logistics

Omni-ID Offers New Product Family With BLE, LoRaWAN

The first two Sense active IoT products to be launched help users locate assets and inventory in large…

News February 10