RFID Journal Releases Marketing and Brand Reports

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The "2011 RFID Brand Report" and the "2011 RFID Marketing Strategies Report" describe how the marketplace perceives the top RFID companies, and how end users and channel professionals gather information about RFID products.


RFID Journal announced today the release of the “2011 RFID Brand Report” and the “2011 RFID Marketing Strategies Report.” These documents are designed to help providers of radio frequency identification hardware, software and services understand how others perceive them in the marketplace, and how end users gather information regarding RFID products.

The two publications, produced by RFID Journal in partnership with Burnell Reports, build on previous studies released in 2006 and 2009, and each is based on surveys of more than 500 RFID Journal readers. The surveys, conducted in November and December 2010, provide a complete picture of how end users, resellers and systems integrators view RFID companies and information sources.

Burnell Reports’ John Burnell

The “2011 RFID Brand Report” reveals that Motorola is now the best-known brand in the RFID industry, taking the number-one slot from Alien Technology. The report lists the top 20 brands overall, as well as the top 20 according to end users. This year’s edition also includes the top brands in major market segments, including passive RFID chips and tags, passive RFID readers, printer encoders, active RFID systems and RFID software.

The “2011 Marketing Strategies Report” provides detailed information about how individuals interested in RFID obtain information regarding specific products and services. The report makes it clear that case studies developed by vendors, as well as analyst reports, are considered among the most influential sources of information. Webinars and trade shows are also a vital source of information, while social media is seen as considerably less important.

A variety of factors influence perception, but one of the strongest, the study reveals, is whether a company offers RFID products based on international standards. Eighty percent of respondents from channel companies and 78 percent of end users indicated that standards-compliant products are influential or very influential when it comes to their perception of an RFID technology provider.

“The growing maturity of RFID buyers was reflected in this year’s results, and this maturity has implications for marketing programs and messages,” says John Burnell, a principal at Burnell Reports and the studies’ lead author. “We found some surprising views about the importance of everything from RFID vendor Web sites to social media. This data will help marketers craft a strategy that is more cost-effective.”

The complete reports are available for sale at RFID Journal‘s Web site. For more information, see 2011 RFID Brand Report and 2011 RFID Marketing Strategies Report.

On Feb. 10, 2011, RFID Journal and Burnell Reports will offer a free, one-hour webinar that will highlight some of the report’s key findings, and present a case study of how one organization is using high-value content to improve its brand recognition, thought leadership and lead-generation capabilities. To register for the webinar, click here.