RFID-IoT Startup Smart Technology Group Places in Top Ten at MassChallenge Competition

By IOT Journal

The Polish company, which created readers combining radio frequency identification and Internet of Things technologies, was among the jurors' choices for Central and Eastern.

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Polish company Smart Technology Group, which created readers combining RFID and all key IoT technologies in one device, was called one of the top ten startups in Central and Eastern Europe by MassChallenge jurors. Competition was hard: over 300 startups from Central and Eastern Europe applied to participate in prestigious Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw competition. All of them presented their ideas, trying to convince demanding jury experts that they could change the world. In the end, after the series of pitch talks and presentations, only the nine winners were announced. Smart Technology Group led by PhD. Eng. Karolina Kozlowska (CEO) and PhD. Eng. Monika Bandura (COO), was one of them.

The choice was made by representatives of MassChallenge and investors. But Polish duo was selected as the best company not once, but twice. The second group of 150 experts, including CEOs from global companies, was asked to vote for the most promising startup. And they chose… Smart Technology Group. Such unanimous decision, when one company succeeds among both groups of jurors, happens once in a blue moon. It was also the only winning company that uses RFID technology.

“I am extremely pleased that our effort was acknowledged by such professional jury” – says Karolina Kozlowska. “It is also solid proof that SMART RFID is a truly innovative concept that solves the problem of detection and identification. SMART RFID makes it faultless, faster, cheaper and precise. And it is possible as SMART RFID uses all key IoT technologies at the same time in one device.”

Jury concluded that SMART RFID is truly cutting-edge solution for basic needs of many markets such as health, industry, retail, logistics or tourism. In all of these areas identification and detection is crucial for countless reasons: safety, efficiency, profitability or comfort. “I think it was also important that we have shown that SMART RFID had been positively verified by many companies in different regions of the world as well as in different sectors of the marked. Thus, we were reliable” – adds Monika Bandura.

Success in Bridge to MassChallenge, organized by “the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet” which alumni have raised over $2 billion in funding, generated approximately $900 million in revenue, and created over 65,000 total jobs, is one more significant success in the last weeks. Smart Technology Group was in Top-3 in Start Jerusalem Competition and in Top-10 in Polish Tech Night.

“For sure, we feel that SMART RFID is getting more and more attention. Only in January we have already signed contracts which value for approx. 60% of our total sale in 2017. And keeping in mind that we launch serious transnational campaign and we will be attending key trade shows and fairs, I am sure that SMART RFID answers needs which could not be fulfilled up to now” – summarizes Phd. Eng. Karolina Kozlowska, CEO of Smart Technology Group.

Those interested in experiencing the power of SMART RFID, should visit Intertraffic Amsterdam (March 21-23), where Polish team will present its solutions for car-parks and drive-in/out management.