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  • Gruninger Uses RFID Sprinter to Meet Metro's Mandate

    By Rhea Wessel

    The German sausage maker is deploying a packaged solution put together by a 10-company consortium of vendors, and expects an ROI within two years.

  • Converter Licenses Innovative RFID Antenna Technology

    Label converter Nashua signed an exclusive license to use patented, non-traditional RFID antennas from Fractal Antenna Systems. Fractal designs feature repeating geometric patterns to produce compact antennas that reportedly have more range and precision than traditional designs. Nashua intends to include Fractal's antennas in Gen2 tags.

  • Atlanta Mercedes Dealership to Adopt RFID at New Location

    By Beth Bacheldor

    The real-time location system is designed to reduce labor, help sales and service departments quickly locate specific vehicles and track how many times a particular vehicle has been test-driven.

  • RFID News Roundup

    By Andrew Price

    Impinj's item-tagging evaluation kit; Nashua to make tags with fractal antennas; Magellan announces new Euro reseller, U.S. manufacturer; European project organizes RFID guideline workshop; DOD continues Unisys contract for tracking program.

  • DoD Awards Unisys Multimillion Dollar RFID Contract

    Technology services and solutions giant Unisys today announced it has been awarded a follow-on contract by the US Department of Defense to continue working on RFID-enabled visibility across the military's supply chain. The contract represents an extension to the RFID work Unisys has done for the DoD for 13 years.

  • Auto-ID Lab Releases Accada RFID Prototyping Platform

    By Mark Roberti

    A free, open-source reader protocol, ALE middleware, tag data translation engine and EPCIS implementation will let end users, systems integrators and researchers explore the benefits of the EPCglobal Network.

  • Tagged Umbrellas to Provide Market Research to Merchants

    By Claire Swedberg

    Philadelphia startup Dutch Umbrella provides RFID-tagged courtesy umbrellas to local businesses, and tracks those umbrellas borrowed by customers.

  • RFID Umbrella Sharing Launches in Philadelphia

    A startup in Philadelphia has launched an innovative application that blends RFID, umbrella sharing, and mobile advertising. The company, Dutch Umbrella, places RFID-tagged umbrellas at sponsor locations around the city which the umbrella-less, rain-drenched public can borrow for free.

  • Tagsys Unveils Smart Cabinet to Help Hospitals Manage Surgical Scrubs

    By Beth Bacheldor

    The system takes inventory of available items, records which garments have been dispensed to which hospital staff and documents those returned for laundering.

  • Drug Pedigree Software Products Earn EPCglobal Certification

    By Beth Bacheldor

    The standards organization has determined that products from Axway, rfXcel and SupplyScape comply with its standard for software designed to document a drug's movement through distribution channels.

  • Pilot Project Tracks Cargo From Shanghai to Savannah

    By Beth Bacheldor

    The endeavor is expected to demonstrate how e-seals can help companies track the departure and arrival of oceangoing cargo containers, and verify they have not been opened.

  • Printed RFID Tags Still Several Years Away

    By Rhea Wessel

    Industry leaders at the Printed RFID conference agreed that much research remains to be done before printed tags become commercially available and can be printed directly on packaging.

  • TAGSYS Targets Library and Textile Adoption of RFID

    TAGSYS today made two product announcements that evidence the company's commitment to the library and textile management niches. The first is an RFID infrastructure solution for libraries based on new chip technology from NXP, the second a smart shelf for garment issuance at medical and laundry facilities.

  • Turck Introduces Modular RFID System for Controlling Machines

    By Beth Bacheldor

    Behr, a German supplier of heating and cooling systems to major car manufacturers, is using HF tags and readers to help it manufacture evaporators in automobile air conditioners.

  • VTT Is Developing Printed Sensors

    By Rhea Wessel

    Such technology could be used to make hybrid RFID tags that marry silicon RFID chips with printed sensors and antennas.

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