Yamaha: Challenges to Overcome

Published: March 28, 2024
Click here to read about how Yamaha has boosted efficiency, capacity by leveraging RFID data that tracks work in progress.

YG3 targeted several challenges it intended to overcome with a technology-based solution.

For one thing, the company wanted to better track production orders to improve efficiency in locating and tracking the status of production orders, Larry Price, G3 Boats project manager. explained. Each boat, built based on orders, can be unique. Without a single production process, timely completion of tasks for each boat could be complicated.

The technology needed to address inconsistencies in ERP data as well. And by capturing data throughout the production process, automatically, company management wanted to make more effective decisions that boost the operational efficiency.

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Even Workloads

One example would be creating more evenly distributed workloads across production lines, thereby reducing delays caused at one or more workstations, Price explained.

By leveraging RFID, G3 Boats wanted to increase the quality of products as well, reducing the need for reworks based on errors, that impacted overall productivity.

In fact, G3 Boats aimed to significantly enhance their manufacturing process, as well as to streamline operations, elevate efficiency, and improve the tracking and management of production orders.                                          — Claire Swedberg