TMRW Life Sciences, Diversified Label Solutions, Spectralink: RFID Journal News Roundup

Published: January 11, 2024

UK fertility clinic adopts RFID-based specimen management, DLS boosts RFID Label Offerings, Spectralink releases RTLS enabled Smartphones

UK fertility Clinic Adopts TMRW RFID-based, Specimen Management

The Hewitt-Fertility Centre is the first clinic in the U.K. to adopt a solution from fertility technology company TMRW Life Sciences (TMRW) that automates the in vitro fertilization lab, using RFID technology.

The solution, known as CryoRobot Select (CRS), is an automated system for the management and storage of frozen eggs and embryos. For TMRW, this is the first such customer adoption outside of the U.S.

The Hewitt Fertility Centre recently completed a three-year study into potential hazards associated with manual cryo-storage of eggs and embryos following fertility treatment. The study found that manual cryo-storage for in vitro fertilization (IVF) is still prone to potential points of failure.

The CRS platform consists of hardware and software to safely track, monitor and store frozen eggs and embryos. With the solution, frozen specimens can be identified and tracked automatically with an RFID tag on specimens, readers to capture the tag ID, and automated robotics.

The solution enables the clinic to remotely monitor specimens at all times. TMRW reports that CRS helps reduce potential points of failure by 94 percent compared to manual specimen management and storage systems, and it helps fertility clinics safely scale to meet growing patient demand.

DLS Boosts RFID Label and Service Offerings

Pressure-sensitive label converter, Diversified Labeling Solutions (DLS), is offering new UHF RFID label services to help its distributor customers meet technology demands. Those services include in-house RFID label conversion capabilities, ready-to-ship stock RFID labels, and service bureau RFID label encoding and printing services. The company has hired a dedicated RFID product manager, and provides RFID label training as well.

DLS prepared for the growing need for RFID labels by purchasing a Mark Andy press with a Tamarack RFID inserter, thereby enabling RFID label conversion in-house. The equipment was installed in the first quarter of 2023. The company says it now offers a family of cost-effective stock RFID labels for distributors.

DLS launched its new Service Bureau as a resource for distributor customers to offer a quick turnaround on properly formatted printed and encoded RFID labels.

Spectralink Releases RTLS Enabled Versity 97 Series Smartphones

Colorado-based mobility solutions company Spectralink is releasing the latest generation of its Versity smartphone series with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) functionality as well as improved processor, AI, noise-suppression and integration with application partner companies such as Oracle and Epic.

The Versity 97 Series Is intended for communication and real time location data for workers in a variety of environments. Its built-in BLE beacon helps to find staff or missing devices, while it offers six programmable buttons, camera and other features. The device is aimed at protecting desk-less workers wherever they go on the job.

The device is what the company calls a solution for productivity on the move with a processor for multitasking, large touch screen and call server platforms as well as Android applications. In addition to BLE, the device offers Wi-Fi 6/6E connectivity for performance in crowded networks.