Thank You for Your Support

I'm grateful to all those who e-mailed condolences after reading about the passing of my father.
Published: December 15, 2006

Many people e-mailed me to express their condolences after reading my Opinion column about the passing of my father (see Technology Alone Is Not Enough). Thank you all for your support. It is greatly appreciated.

Many people said my dad must have been proud of what I have achieved in starting RFID Journal and building it into a successful company. He was proud, but he was not the kind of person who judged a man by the size of his bank account.

My father would be proud that I have built a company based on the values he taught me. I have tried always to give our readers value for their subscription or event registration fee. I have tried always to ensure that RFID Journal presents the facts as well as we can determine them. We have always tried to be honest about what radio frequency identification technologies can and can’t do.

My father would be proud of the way we treat our employees at RFID Journal. I believe everyone in my company feels they are treated with respect, and that their work is appreciated.

My father would be proud that we always strive to be a good partner. We have tried to strike business deals that provide value for both RFID Journal and our partners. We strive to deliver value to our advertisers and event sponsors and exhibitors. We have never been dishonest or used our position within the industry as leverage. Our competitors often bash us, but we have always taken the high road.

As I look back on the past five years, I’m proud of RFID Journal’s success. I’m more proud of the way we achieved it. And I know that’s what my dad would be most proud of.

Thank you again for your support and condolences.