RFID Journal LIVE! 2024: Integrated Automation Sessions

Published: March 29, 2024

The intersection of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) introduces new possibilities for data analysis, automation, and decision-making.

Integrated Automation sessions at RFID Journal LIVE! will feature a number of sessions, including topics such as Protecting Luxury Goods With Crypto Tag and Blockchain and Revolutionizing Food Waste Management.

Below is the schedule for Integrated Automation sessions being held on April 10 in room 352.

Source Tagging Session (Solution Providers Only)

Time: 7:30-10:00 a.m.

Speakers: Jonathan Gregory, Global Standards Director, GS1 US; Justin Patton, Director, RFID Lab, Auburn University; Ned Mears, Senior Director, Global Standards, GS1 US; Patrick Javick, Sr. Director, Partnerships, GS1 US; Teresa Williams, Director, Strategic Partnerships, GS1 US

Session Description: This session is for solution providers only. GS1 US and Auburn University will facilitate a roundtable discussion on key topics related to source tagging. This will include topics such as encoding process quality control, tag placement guidance updates, and RFID alignment with 2D barcodes.

RFID Journal Live

Protecting Luxury Goods With Crypto Tag and Blockchain

Time: 8:45-9:25 a.m.

Speakers: Jim Barlow, RFID/NFC Technical Marketing, STMicroelectronics; Romain Pardo, NFC/RFID Product Marketing, STMicroelectronics

Session Description: Learn how a NFC Tag can secure physical products; fighting against counterfeit and grey market bringing a tailored digital experience. This will detail the specific features of the tag IC to store a digital certificate, offering an asymmetric ECC based crypto ECDSA signature, using private/public keys for authentication up to and including minting on the blockchain.

Loma Linda University Health Improves Patient Safety With RFID, a RFID Journal Awards Finalist Session

Time, Room: 9:35-10:15 a.m.

Speakers: Alex Barinaga, Director, Implementation Services, VUEMED

Session Description: Learn how an NFC Tag can secure physical products; fighting against counterfeit and grey market bringing a tailored digital experience. This will detail the specific features of the tag IC to store a digital certificate, offering an asymmetric ECC based crypto ECDSA signature, using private/public keys for authentication up to and including minting on the blockchain.

Metro Rio Tracks Tool Use, Maintenance with RFID

Time: 10:25-11:05 a.m.

Speakers: Wei Cheng Wang, Maintenance Coordinator, Metro Rio

Session Description: Rapid transit system Metro Rio, serving the city of Rio de Janeiro, is the second highest volume metro system in Brazil, with an annual ridership of 228.2 million. Metro Rio has gained a digital view into the location and maintenance history of some of its tools with the deployment of an RFID-based solution. The automation system for tool management consists of a smart locker equipped with UHF RFID reader and antennas, RFID tags on tools, and software that manages the data. The transit company is using the solution to identify whether goods are in the cabinet, when they’re checked out or returned, and their maintenance history. Learn how RFID is currently preventing losses and reducing labor costs as well as providing analytics to show which items are being used more frequently and which are not, to help understand what inventory is needed when it comes to tools.

Revolutionizing Food Waste Management: AIDC Technologies for a Sustainable Future

Time, Room: 11:15-11:55 a.m.

Speakers: Chris Brown, RFID Subject Matter Expert, TSC Printronix; Jeanne Duckett, Senior Manager of Food Traceability and Transparency, Avery Dennison Identification Solutions; Lucelena Angarita, Director, Community Engagement, GS1 US; Mike Cecchini, Food Safety Leader, SATO America

Session Description: Food waste is a multifaceted global challenge impacting economies, environments, and societies. This session delves into the pivotal role of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technologies in reshaping the food supply chain.  With a focus on prevention, rescue, and recycling, the discussion probes the avenues where AIDC technologies, such as IoT, RFID, and barcode systems, revolutionize waste mitigation strategies. These technologies enable real-time traceability, facilitating proactive measures from farm to consumer and empowering decision-making to curb unnecessary waste. Gain an understanding of how AIDC technologies are pivotal in reshaping the narrative on food waste, empowering industries, governments, and communities toward a more sustainable and efficient future.

Automating Left and Right of Boom Incident Response

Time: 12:05-12:45 p.m.

Speakers: Lance LaBreck, Business Continuity/Corporate Preparedness, California Independent System Operator (CAISO)

Session Description: A “boom” event is the term used to describe loss of people, technology, infrastructure, and / or vendors at a federal, state, agency, or corporation during a disruption or disaster. Hear from a representative from the energy sector, who is responsible for managing the grid for eleven states and northwestern Mexico during a disaster, is using RFID today and tomorrow to enhance security, safety, and continuity. The audience will get a better understanding on how critical infrastructure, while working with FBI, DHS, and State Emergency Management Agencies, work together and how RFID technology can help.

Keynote Speakers

New for 2024, the keynotes will take center stage on Tuesday, April 9 hosted on the LIVE! Immersive Stage—an interactive platform situated as the focal point within the expo hall. This stage will not only host the enlightening keynotes but showcase immersive product demonstrations and the prestigious RFID Journal Awards.

The conference kicks off with an Opening Keynote – “Disruptive Technologies: The Future is Now.” This enlightening panel discussion features industry leaders who will delve into the transformative impact of AI, IoT, and Machine Learning (ML).

Among the speakers are Brandon Woodruff of Delta Air Lines; Corey Cook of Lockheed Martin Advanced Technologies Concepts; and Cameron Worth of SharpEnd. The panel will be moderated by Bill Hardgrave, president, University of Memphis and Justin Patton, director, RFID Lab, Auburn University.

The second panel will discuss the groundbreaking RFID deployments in corporate America: UPS’ pioneering Smart Package Smart Facility (SPSF) initiative with the innovative UPS Smart Vehicle on the show floor

UPS’ Jon Gurney Bell will unveil the visionary project, sharing insights into its objectives, achievements, and impact on logistics standards. Amy Lio of LVMH will shares how UPS is setting a new industry benchmark with optimized tracking, efficiency, and unparalleled customer experiences. Plus Jeffrey Radaker, MBA and the UPS team will be on hand to discuss how they are reducing carbon emissions and promoting a greener future.

These distinguished speakers and moderators promise to elevate the RFID Journal LIVE! 2024 experience, providing attendees with unparalleled insights and fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with these industry luminaries and shape the future of RFID, IoT, and AI.