RFID-based Loss Prevention Program offered by INEO

Published: June 5, 2024
  • The Welcoming Pedestal is aimed at preventing loss prevention in the retail industry
  • The system additionally allows retailers to gain real-time visibility into their inventory

INEO Tech Corp. is now offering the first retail deployment of its RFID solution embedded within its Welcoming Pedestal, aimed at preventing loss prevention in the retail industry with advanced technology.

INEO executives note their product comes at a time retailers have to address the rise in shoplifting and organized crime at their location, as retail shrinkage due to theft has been calculated in the billions of dollars in losses annually.

The company is promoting the Welcoming Pedestal as a state-of-the-art RFID loss prevention system which offers accuracy, efficiency and communication capabilities to mitigate retail loss while being a prominent in-store digital advertising system.

Watkin Comments

“Our RFID solution represents a quantum leap in retail security,” stated Greg Watkin, founder, chairman, and president of INEO in a press statement. “In an era where the dynamics of commerce are constantly evolving, it’s imperative for retailers to stay ahead of the curve.”

“By harnessing the power of RFID technology within the INEO Welcoming System platform, we’re not just offering a security solution we’re providing a strategic advantage.

The deployment of the RFID-enabled system was at a California location of one of INEO’s national retail office supply customers, according to company officials. With this installation, INEO delivered a combination of RFID, traditional Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and advertising capabilities in the same device.

Added Benefits

With INEO’s solution, retailers gain real-time visibility into their inventory, enabling precise tracking of merchandise from the moment it enters the supply chain to the point of sale to the store exit, according to company officials.

The key features include:

  • Item-Level Tracking, empowers retailers to track individual items which leave the store unpaid for, providing granular visibility into inventory shrink.
  • Real-Time Security Alerts, store personnel given instant notifications alerts to suspicious activity at the store exit. When system detects an RFID tag exiting the store on an item which has not been paid for, an audible alarm goes off as changing the advertising screen to showcase a picture of the product which is leaving the store. A video captures the event before and after the alarm sounds.  Additionally, real-time text alerts can be sent, the video can be played instantly on handheld devices and the retailer’s online dashboard is updated in real-time, enabling swift intervention to prevent loss.
  • Analytics and Insights, as a report of all alarm events provide retailers with insights into inventory management, consumer behavior and security vulnerabilities. INEO data is available for the retailer to review in real-time or via daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Seamless Integration, as the RFID solution is compatible with existing retail infrastructure, INEO’s RFID solution combines with point-of-sale systems and inventory management software, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

Inventory Tracking

“Our system isn’t merely about safeguarding assets; it’s about transforming the way retailers operate,” said Watkin. “With our RFID solution, retailers can proactively protect and manage inventory, streamline operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.”

Watkin added that with the INEO Welcoming System and RFID tags embedded in individual items, retailers can monitor their inventory with unparalleled accuracy, helping to drastically reduce theft and shrinkage, and as a result, fortify their bottom line.

“It’s not just about preventing losses; it’s about maximizing potential. It’s about enabling retailers to thrive in a fiercely competitive landscape,” he said.

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