Please Contribute to the Sinclair Laing Memorial Scholarship Fund

Show your support with a donation, and help students who can not otherwise afford to attend college.
Published: August 9, 2010

Sinclair Laing, the son of RFID industry veteran Ken Laing, was killed in a car accident on May 26, 2009. Ken and a small number of his close friends have established the Sinclair Laing Memorial Scholarship Fund with The Pittsburgh Foundation (view the explanatory brochure). The foundation’s mission is to provide funding for students to go to college. Without this assistance, many simply can not afford to pay tuition and other fees.

For Sinclair’s Memorial Fund to continue providing assistance to students, The Pittsburgh Foundation requires that $25,000 be raised in donations over the next two years. As a father of two boys, I can not imagine the loss Ken feels, but I do understand his desire to honor Sinclair’s life by creating a scholarship fund in his memory. I hope you will join me in supporting Ken with a donation to the fund.

If you have any questions, the fund’s administrator, Brian Testa, can answer them. His contact details are provided in the brochure.

Thank you for supporting this worthy cause.

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