PacSun Chooses Nedap to Improve Inventory Accuracy

Published: January 12, 2024

The retailer is looking for the RFID-based program to help fulfill more customer orders

PacSun has entered into an agreement with Nedap to implement RFID across the company’s stores.

PacSun officials said they chose Nedap’s iD Cloud solution to increase inventory accuracy, inform replenishment decisions, and improve both omnichannel and in-store experiences. As a new technology for PacSun, RFID is expected to immediately begin delivering value as stores create a higher level of transparency with customers and fulfill more customer orders.

Shirley Gao, Chief Digital and Information Officer at PacSun, said the introduction of a RFID program will enable the company to meet the demand of their social media savvy Gen Z customers who want exclusive merch when it drops.

PacSun Needs

“We pay attention to our customers’ desired preferences and listen to them every second of every day – including their expectations of a seamless shopping experience,” said Gao in a press statement announcing the agreement. “To achieve this… we actively invest in technologies that will help take our brand experience to the next level.”

Nedap’s Virtual Shielding algorithms will allow the retailer to digitally identify article location at 98 percent accuracy, a labor savings that contributed to selecting iD Cloud Store.

Nedap’s iD Cloud Store was chosen after market research and competitor analysis by PacSun. One of the top reasons company officials said they chose iD Cloud Store is that it improves omnichannel fulfillment and increases buy-online-pickup-in-store usage.

Expansion Past Inventory

Nedap’s Ailen Bilharz, head of North America, iD Cloud, said PacSun choice was made after they looked at RFID solutions with more business use cases in mind.

“We’re beginning with building strong basics while keeping each decision future-focused,” said Bilharz. “We look forward to the future of our partnership, from exploring shrink analytics to diving deeper into distribution centers, so PacSun can continue to offer the premier omnichannel experience for their strong Gen Z customers.”

Competitive Advantages

Officials from both companies noted the RFID system has a proven record of delivering data-rich insights for operational processes.

“Partnering with Nedap is helping us unlock competitive advantages as we tap into data-rich fulfilment and operational cheat-codes to get the right product to the right stores for the right customers,” said Gao.

Deployment to all of PacSun’s stores is estimated to be completed in Q1 2024.