Mojix, Renesas, PervasID: RFID Journal News Roundup

Published: January 25, 2024

Mojix generative AI featured in new solution, Renesas announces new Bluetooth Low Energy SoC, PervasID launches advanced version of TrackMaster

Mojix Released Generative AI Features in New Solution

Item level visibility solutions company Mojix has released a new tool for use in the retail industry for inventory management leveraging generative artificial intelligence (AI) features.

The Maiven solution expands on the company’s Ytem software platform, for use with RFID technology, by including features such as advanced data analysis and chat functionality. The new offering builds on Google Cloud’s AI tools such as Vertex AI.

The solution is aimed at providing natural language chat interfaces, allowing users to gain predictive inventory insights. Those insights can include stock outages, stock shortages or excess inventory.

Mojix officials say the Maiven solution will help users measure the economic impacts of inventory level problems, while offering recommended actions to improve inventory management. Merchandising and supply chain inventory managers are expected to use the solution to understand inventory levels and make better decisions.

The company’s announcement predicts AI insights will help companies optimize their sell-through rate of products, identify inventory trends and help forecast imminent stock outs. The technology is intended to help harmonize inventory flow with demand and recommend delays in stocking, based on sales.

Renesas announces new Bluetooth Low Energy SoC

Semiconductor solutions company Renesas Electronics Corporation released what it calls its smallest, and lowest energy, multicore device. The SoC includes Cortex-M33, Cortex-M0+ and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Known as the DA14592, it is built for a range of applications including connected medical and human interface devices, asset tracking, point of sale (PoS) readers and ‘crowd-sourced location’ (CSL) tracking. The new SoC comes with a new low-power mode to offer 2.3mA radio transmit current at 0dBm and 1.2mA radio receive current.

The device supports an ultra-low hibernation current of 90nA, to extend shelf-life for end-products shipped with the battery connected. It employs an ultra-low active current at 34µA/MHz for products requiring significant application processing.

According to Renesas, the new product typically requires only six external components. It operates from a system clock and on-chip RCX (a systematic process for improving energy efficiency), removing the need for a sleep mode crystal in the majority of applications.

Company officials say it has integrated all external components required to implement a BLE solution into the DA14592MOD module. That means it reportedly can offer companies the fastest time-to-market and reduced overall project cost.

Renesas has combined the new DA14592 with compatible devices from its portfolio. The DA14592 is in mass production now.

PervasID Launches Advanced Version of TrackMaster

RFID company PervasID is selling the latest version of its passive RFID reader systems for automated inventory and asset tracking.  The reader comes with enhanced AI-powered data interface for improved inventory data and analytics, according to company officials.

The technology expands on the company’s existing solutions for high performance equipment and low installation costs. As a result, its solution will enable a strong return on investment for all sizes of retail outlets.

With advanced AI, the technology can boost real-time location visibility as well as help support analytics based on that data, said company officials. The solution is aimed at reducing shrinkage.

A single PervasID TrackMaster reader can cover densely-packed areas of up to 240 square meters (2,600 square feet). TrackMaster integrates into third-party retail stock management applications via an integrated API, offering a graphical map interface showing the location and movement of all tagged goods.

Data management and analytics can enhance sales performance as well as increase customer satisfaction due to greater stock availability and expedited visibility of stock for staff, company officials report.