InSync Releases iApp Cobalt for Sensor (RFID) driven Applications

InSync announces the general availability of its Application platform code named iApp Cobalt Release 5
Published: March 14, 2014

InSync announces the general availability of its Application platform code named iApp Cobalt Release 5, which brings a rich suite of capabilities:

Enables design, deployment and management of Enterprise Internet of Things. The power of the iApp Platform is now available to build IOT applications for the enterprise. iApp Services can now be accessed by any device, anywhere to capture and control it using iApp’s REST API’s. In addition application developers can also build their own application by accessing and controlling these devices through the REST API or using the rich configuration tools of iApp.

Accelerate time to value for building rich dashboards or reports with a few clicks&mdano programming. iApp Cobalt announces the availability iApp Vista™ Report Builder. Applying easy to use configuration tools, users can build any number of data sources from the iApp Sensory Repository and create beautiful multi-panel dashboards and reports. iApp Vista(™) supports the creation of smart grids, charts, graphs and also images all in a single canvas. The Report builder allows the user to create one or many data sources from any data stored in the iApp Repository. Then with a few clicks the user can build single or multi-panel UI’s and make these accessible via the iApp sensor driven application. Now users can configure a RFID device, collect and persist the data and then immediately visualize the data through a set of dashboards and reports—device to dashboard in a few clicks!

The iApp Form builder, ActionView(™) is completely flexible and allows the user to set-up bespoke fields which are relevant to your business process in order to easily manage and make sense of the RFID and sensor information. Each of these fields can be configured to process sensor data for making the RFID data meaningful for the application. iApp Actions and form builder combine to intelligently process sensor data, based on master data obtained from backend systems—device to Operational Views in a few clicks! Now a user can subscribe specific RFID or sensor events from an ActionView(™) form.

Support for HTML5: iApp Cobalt, now provides native support for building HTML5 applications in conjunction with its powerful configuration tools. Using the HTML5 UI widgets, partners and customers can quickly build an HTML5 iApp application, which can then be rendered on a mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Windows surface etc. making iApp HTML5 UI’s accessible from literally any device, anywhere.