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  • Honeywell Launches Sensor Network Kit

    As its first foray into wireless sensor mesh networking, the technology company is selling development kits with wireless sensor network technology developed by Crossbow.

  • ATT Rolls Out Managed RFID Service

    The U.S. telecom giant is partnering with BEA, Symbol and Intel to provide an offering that includes design, deployment, integration and management of RFID systems.

  • Lockheed Martin Buys Savi

    The technology provider says its acquisition will help it better serve government and DOD customers.

  • SmartCode Offers 5-Cent EPC Tags

    The Israeli company has announced it will sell Gen 2 EPC inlays for 5 cents apiece in volumes of 100 million or more, and that it plans to go public.

  • Philips Demos Polymer HF Tags

    Using polymers instead of silicon to build integrated circuits, Philips researchers say they have created fully functional RFID tags capable of transmitting data at 13.56 MHz.

  • Cisco Backs ThingMagic

    The networking company has increased its stakes in RFID technology by funding ThingMagic, bringing the RFID reader manufacturer's total funding to nearly $21 million.

  • Where the EPC Opportunities Are

    Sanjay Sarma, cofounder of the Auto-ID Center, told a conference there remain plenty of RFID research and startup opportunities.

  • Novetex Deploys RFID to Track Yarn

    In the southern Chinese city of Zhuhai, yarn manufacturer Novetex is using Gen 2 EPC tags to identify and locate spools of yarn in its warehouse.

  • Symbol Says PICA Ready in Mid-2006

    The company reports that it has retooled the high-speed RFID inlay assembly machine, which should be ready as demand rises.

  • MIT to Host RFID Academic Convocation

    The Auto-ID Lab at MIT will host a two-day event aimed at bringing together the leading RFID researchers with a select group of end users.

  • SecureRF Creates New Encryption Method

    The data security startup says its Algebraic Eraser is faster, requires less processing power and could be used on EPC Gen 2 Class 1 tags for protecting data transmissions.

  • New Tags Use Crystal, Not Silicon

    An Austrian company is marketing an RFID system featuring tags containing a piezoelectric crystal able to operate in extreme temperatures.

  • Lab Test Exposes EPC Tag Performance

    A new report by the RFID Alliance Lab shows that there are significant differences in how tags of the same make and model perform.

  • Nokia Sells Cell Phone RFID Kit

    Almost a year after the introduction last March, Nokia has commercially released an RFID reader-equipped shell for its rugged 5140 model cell phone.

  • RFID Readers Get Cellular

    SmartCode is adding cellular data capabilities to its UHF readers so that the devices can connect wirelessly to a corporate network.

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