Infiswift Launches IoT-Optimized Platform for Industrial Enterprises


Infiswift, an enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platform leader, announces the availability of its most advanced platform yet to power industrial grade IoT solutions that need near real-time performance at scale. The infiswift IoT platform has implemented several patent-pending technologies that enable best-in-class performance for agriculture and energy customers at scale.

“Our platform was designed for large enterprises looking to develop a connected solution that needs to be as fast and efficient as possible,” said Sarva Thulasingam, CTO at infiswift. “Our patent-pending architecture isn’t off-the-shelf patchwork that many platforms offer; it’s the best performing technology available. It’s a simple differentiator, but provides the foundation to solve industry-specific problems, deploy on any type of infrastructure from cloud to edge and meet the operational requirements of forward-looking firms.”

The platform uses a broker to distribute messages to recipients in 300 microseconds so that data gets where it needs to go in true real-time. For reference, the average human response to visual stimulus is 190,000 microseconds. This performance is sustained at scale, processing 50,000 active devices through a single cloud-based broker. The broker is the high speed, high scale IoT device interconnect for data, which serves as the engine that powers the platform.

This powerful IoT infrastructure can also be scaled down from the cloud to run on an edge device like a Raspberry Pi or Arduino. This rare capability is crucial because many use cases work best performing some operations at the edge and only sending a subset of data to the cloud. The efficient operation of the infiswift IoT platform at the edge was recently tested by brokering 3,000 devices through a single Intel IoT gateway, which distributed messages to recipients in 920 microseconds.

“Another capability of the new platform that will be very attractive to customers is its ability to truly support level 1 quality of service (QoS) that guarantees message delivery,” said Siva Venkatesan, Director of Software at infiswift. “While the MQTT protocol supports such delivery guarantees, I’m not aware of another provider that can actually offer QoS 1. We’ve devised a patent-pending method to achieve this for high importance data, which is a huge breakthrough.”

Additional capabilities of the platform include robust security with built-in TLS encryption, a load balancer to maintain performance by spreading load as a solution scales and a robust rules engine to trigger custom alerts and actions. A solution built on the infiswift IoT platform can be rounded out with deep analytics and beautiful visualizations. Infiswift works with each customer to develop a truly unique enterprise-grade solution that provides performance efficiencies that surpass what is needed now to meet future needs.

The platform technology is already in action in a data-driven farming solution for harvest equipment that infiswift worked with Acuitus Ag to develop. Acuitus is currently using the infiswift platform to help farms connect, manage and analyze performance in order to operate more efficiently and drive down costs. Whether an implementation requires hardware support, application development or any services in between, infiswift’s services and technology are there to turn your vision into a future-proof reality.