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The FEIG ELECTRONICS CPRMUX is a small, inexpensive four-channel antenna multiplexer designed to connect multiple antennas to the ID CPR74 NFC reader module. Matching hole patterns permit the modules to stack compactly above or below one another.


Targeted for use in ticket vending machines and kiosks where more than two reading points exist, the CPRMUX reduces cost and complexity when compared to individual readers/encoders by amortizing hardware functions across multiple use points such as:

• A user interface to present contactless media, ticket or NFC device
• An encoding station to write information to an NFC tag
• A verifier to confirm the dispensing of a ticket

Antennas are connected to the multiplexer’s 50-ohm compatible outputs using thin, coaxial cables up to two meters in length. The selection of the multiplexer output is controlled through the CPR74’s digital outputs. FEIG offers two standard size antennas, 40mm x 30mm or 100mm x 100mm, and offers custom antenna design services.