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Technologies ROI LLC (aka TROI) was founded in 2002 based on the principal that technology needs to be correctly balanced and integrated into business (hence ROI). TROI additional has remained singly focused particularly on the Energy sector and especially Oil and Gas. TROI has never repackaged RFID inlays as do many others but instead offered solder bonded electronics versions of RFID capable of surviving extreme conditions even prior to any additional packaging. Down-hole is as common to TROI as an application space as are FRAC applications, drill site operations and Riser Stacks for sub sea. Welded, embedded, banded, cabled , metal adhesive-welded, bolted, riveted are all common attachment solutions offered by TROI so as to insure that all Oil and Gas applications are covered.
TROI and its founded Dr Patrick King have over 50 patents in the areas of auto- identification and remains an industry innovator.