TAP Expands RFID Strategy to Include Ground Service Equipment, Tools and Airbus A350’s Entry Into Service

By Doug

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TAP Portugal is the country’s leading airline, and its TAP Maintenance and Engineering (TAP M&E) division has incorporated RFID technology into its daily engine-maintenance operations via the Mobile Enabled Engine Repair Application (MEERA). The purpose was to track and trace parts in the engine workshop, to provide increased efficiency, a strong return on investment and a starting point for the implementation of other RFID processes within the organization. Learn how TAP is using RFID on ground support equipment (GSE) and tooling in aircraft maintenance, in order to track misplaced equipment, optimize inter-building transport and minimize airport security issues. In addition, hear how the technology is being utilized to support the entry into service (EIS) of the Airbus A350, the first aircraft to be RFID-enabled from the ground up, with approximately 3,000 RFID-tagged component parts on each airplane.