Solution-Provider Session: The Journey from Industrial RFID to the Industrial Internet of Things

By Doug

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It’s time for RFID to grow up. That’s a provocative statement about an industry whose products have already experienced a lifetime’s worth of evolution. However, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the game when it comes to asset management, real-time location and connected devices for industry. Asset information is increasingly available in real time, and it’s more than just simple identification. It’s intelligence, right down to the individual asset level, and it’s more than simply where an asset is located. How long has it been there, where does it need to go, and when will its next service or replacement be required? A 360-degree feedback loop, in which end users receive asset status and then send back instructions, is essential. How will RFID get to the next level? What product features will enable true asset-level intelligence? What is the price impact as these evolve? And how will other hardware and software technologies affect this growth? Join us to discuss these questions and more about how RFID must grow up and grow into the IIoT.