Security Firm Gains Visibility Via NFC

By Doug

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A security firm is employing passive NFC RFID tags and mobile phones to provide visibility into the movements of its security officers at clients’ sites. The solution enables officers to tap a smartphone against tags installed throughout the buildings they monitor, thereby creating a digital record of where they go and when, in addition to issuing alerts to be sent if they fail to complete expected tasks. The system allows the company to provide data regarding the officers’ movements to clients. What’s more, it is low-cost, since there is no need to purchase readers or other hardware. Instead, security guards simply utilize RFID-enabled mobile phones and pay a monthly fee to access hosted data. Find out why the company chose NFC technology as a preferable alternative to QR codes, which can be copied by staff members (enabling them to read the codes without actually visiting the site), while NFC RFID tags cannot be easily duplicated.